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Used Honda Engines

"Quality used Honda engines is an extremely cost effective way of keeping the car you love and being able to drive it for many more years to come."





Used Honda Engines

by Joel Jacobson

Why bother with used Honda engines?

Like anything else in life, quality begets quality. And owning a quality used Honda engines may be the most cost-effective way you can extend the life of your Honda vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, outboard engine, or lawnmower.

Why buy a complete new Honda vehicle if it still looks nice? Quality used Honda engines are an extremely cost effective way of keeping the car you love and being able to drive it for many more years to come.

Of course used Honda engines are also found on all their great quality motorcycles and ATV's as well. So if you have an older Honda bike parked next to your Honda car in your garage, you could get used Honda engines for both of them. And if you're out of room in your garage and your ATV is parked on the trailer behind it there's an off chance that it will need an engine or parts as well.

There are plenty of companies out there where you can buy or sell your used Honda engines. Just do a quickie search on E-bay to see how many parts you can buy for used Honda engines. It's amazing all the different parts and complete engines that are available. It certainly seems to be very popular.

You have the option to choose from engines here in the United States from, say, salvage yards, or from people that specialize in engine rebuilds. Or if you are really daring, you can go directly to the sources in Japan and have an engine shipped directly to you.

Prices on engines will vary, of course, by what year of the vehicle, motorcycle, ATV or outboard is. Here's a quick sample of some of the great deals that are available now on used Honda engines: (vehicles only)

  • Honda 2.0L Carb. Accord $350.00 Under 90,000 miles
  • 1986-89 Honda 2.0L Inj. Accord $450.00 under 90,000 miles
  • 1990-93 Honda 2.2Accord $650.00 Under 80,000 miles
  • 1994-97 Honda 2.2 Accord $1,000.00 Under 60,000 miles

As you can see, there are some pretty terrific deals that are available on used Honda engines. For a fraction of the price, you could have your favorite Honda car, motorcycle, ATV, outboard, or lawnmower running good as new again without spending an arm and a leg.

Do your research. Comparison-shop. You know the adage; let the buyer beware. Be aware of what you are purchasing and make sure that reputable dealers are selling the used Honda engines that you want to purchase.

Once you've done your homework, you can go ahead and purchase those quality used Honda engines and be sure that you won't be disappointed and be able to enjoy your car, motorcycle, ATV, outboard, or lawnmower for years to come.

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Mr. Jacobson is a freelance writer, web designer, and product design engineer. He's an avid fisherman who loves to northern and musky fish. He and his wife recently adopted two infant girls from Russia, and that keeps them quite busy.

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