Virginia Bed and Breakfast Review
"The Virginia Bed and Breakfast experience is unparalleled... Virginia is one of my family’s favorite vacation destinations!"





Virginia Bed and Breakfast Review
by Dr. John Luton
Associate Professor
Mass Communication
Elizabeth City State University

and better known as …

“The Bed and Breakfast Bluebird”

Looking for a great Virginia Bed and Breakfast? Come right in!

If you’ve never had the chance to stay at a Virginia bed and breakfast, allow me to introduce you to an aspect of Virginia life that’s just waiting to be enjoyed. If you have enjoyed a Virginia bed and breakfast experience, or maybe a similar inn in another state, then you already know the benefits of this uniquely rewarding approach to relaxation.

But, please, I’d love to have you come in too. I have a couple of Virginia bed and breakfast secrets to reveal that I’ll bet even you seasoned “bed-an-breakfasters” haven’t heard about!

One of my most anticipated joys in life ~ Revealing secrets about Virginia Bed and Breakfast Inns

As a child, I never could keep a secret – especially if it involved a gift I had purchased for a holiday or birthday. I soon developed a reputation for “letting the cat out of the bag” – as my grandmother termed it. Well, needless to say, I never liked keeping the poor cats in a bag anyway -- so I just let them all out!

When I became an adult, I learned that my inability to keep secrets served me well in certain lines of work – among them: sales and marketing. In other words, when I find out about something really good, I get to tell others. I don’t have to keep anything under my hat – at least not for long! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “a little bird told me.” Well, that’s me – the Virginia Bed and Breakfast Bluebird!

What? You want me to just get to the secrets? With pleasure!

What do I have to tell you about Virginia Bed and Breakfasts? Plenty! While taking a look at the state’s representative regions, I’ll provide a few links to some of the very best Virginia Bed and Breakfast secrets!

What’s so great about a Virginia Bed and Breakfast?

I’m glad you asked. The Virginia Bed and Breakfast experience is unparalleled because you’re staying in the beautiful state of Virginia. Virginia is indeed a variety vacationland. I know firsthand because I live in North Carolina, just south of the Virginia line. Through the years, Virginia has been one of my family’s favorite vacation destinations!

Those Virginians have everything from picturesque mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway to beautiful beaches that are continually caressed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. In between, you’ll find everything from historic colonial communities to more urban settings.

The best part is – in every one of these four areas, you’ll find a vast array of bed and breakfast locations just waiting for you to enjoy. All of my recommendations are approved by the Virginia Bed and Breakfast Association.

One of them has even earned the special Bluebird Seal of Approval!

Virginia Bed and Breakfast: Mountain style!

Located in Abingdon, this beautiful colonial style home was built in 1850, making it the oldest Bed and Breakfast in the Abingdon historic district.

Located on the New River in Pearisburg, this lovely Bed and Breakfast Inn is just off Route 460, only minutes from Virginia Tech, and two miles from the Appalachian Trail.

Virginia Bed and Breakfast ~ Life’s a beach!

  • Barclay Cottage ~ Virginia Beach

Built in 1895, this warm, historic inn is one of only two Victorian cottages remaining in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Bed and Breakfast ~ Step back into history!

  • Cedars of Williamsburg ~ Colonial Williamsburg

Within easy walking to historic Williamsburg, and located just across the street from the College of William & Mary, the Cedars has offered traditional colonial elegance to its guests since 1935.

  • The Bell House Bed and Breakfast ~ Colonial Beach

Built in 1883 by the son of Civil War General Ambrose Burnside, the Bell House Bed and Breakfast was later owned by Alexander Graham Bell. This beautiful Victorian home overlooks a wide expanse of the Potomac River in northern Virginia.

Virginia Bed and Breakfast: Country living near the city!

  • The Inn at Monticello ~ Charlottesville

Built in the mid-1800s, The Inn at Monticello is a charming country manor that sits at the foot of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Mountain. The Inn is only a short 10-minute drive to the shops, restaurants and other attractions of Charlottesville’s historic district.

  • Grace Manor Inn ~ Richmond

The Grace Manor Innis conveniently located on the corner of North Meadows and West Grace Street, in Richmond’s Historic Monument District. A variety of fine restaurants, cafes, pubs, and coffee bars are within walking distance.

And there are so many more Virginia bed and breakfasts . . .

So, as you can see (and we’ve only scratched the surface!), a Virginia Bed and Breakfast can provide a special vacation setting for just about anyone. Because Virginia is truly a variety vacationland, you can reserve a special Bed and Breakfast Inn to match your own personal tastes and interests.

Well, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite Virginia Bed and Breakfast Inn and make your reservation today!

And when they ask how you found out about them, just say a little bird told you!

Happy bed-and-breakfasting!

Dr. John Luton

“The Bed and Breakfast Bluebird”

For more information about other great vacation opportunities, check out the Bed and Breakfast Guide on the home page.

Growing up in northeastern North Carolina, John Luton marveled as his father told stories about his childhood and World War II adventures. Bluebird in Belgium relates those wonderful stories.

Dr. Luton teaches world literature and mass communication at Elizabeth City State University. The Lutons have three grown children.

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