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Wildlife Poster: Deck your Walls with Untamed Beauty

Whatever creatures you fancy—from deer, elk and dolphins, to cheetahs, hyenas and wild horses—there’s an endless bounty of wildlife poster art available.


Wildlife Poster

by Julia Williams

Lions, tigers and bears! Wolves, whales and waterfowl!

If you love animals, nothing compares to the thrill of seeing wild beasts and birds cavorting in their natural habitat. Going on a safari would be a grand adventure, but a wildlife poster collection lets you enjoy the exotic beauty of wild animals right from the comforts of your couch. Best of all, you don't need to slather yourself with sunscreen, buy binoculars or get a passport.

It’s easy to start (and add to) a wildlife poster collection

Even if you could go on a safari vacation, taking your own wildlife pictures suitable for creating poster-size wall art is probably not the best option. For most tourists, photo ops are limited by the constraints of time, weather, equipment and access, and the pictures taken on a safari are usually disappointing.

Luckily, wildlife photography has become an increasingly popular profession in the last decade. Scores of talented wildlife photographers have been busy training their lenses on eagles gliding across the sky, on madcap squirrels frolicking in the park and zebras running free on the Serengeti.

Whatever creatures you fancy—from deer, elk and dolphins, to cheetahs, hyenas and wild horses—there’s sure to be an endless bounty of wildlife poster art available.

Where can you find a wildlife poster?

City zoos, national parks, museums, mail-order catalogs, conservation groups and nature stores at the mall usually have a good assortment of wildlife poster prints for sale at reasonable prices.

Whenever you travel by plane, be sure to allow time to browse in the airport gift shops, where you’ll likely find a menagerie of wildlife poster art featuring the animals found in that particular state or country.

The internet puts the forest right at your fingertips

One of the quickest ways to grow your wildlife poster collection is through the internet. Websites let you browse through page after page of full-color wildlife poster art until you see one you love.

A wildlife poster is more than beautiful wall art, it's an investment
To make wildlife artwork more affordable and available to a wider population, professional artists' original photographs, paintings and illustrations are often reproduced and enlarged to make poster-size prints.

Many of these artists are well known, and their work is highly sought by collectors worldwide. Signed and numbered "limited edition" printings of wildlife poster artwork increases the value even more.

To frame…or not to frame

A wildlife poster can be hung up as is, but having it custom-framed will make it look more attractive, as well as protect it from dust, fingerprints and other damaging elements.

Framing your poster is very easy and relatively inexpensive—just take it to your local picture framing shop, where you'll find a myriad of options to suit your taste and budget.

Beautifully framed and proudly displayed on the wall, wildlife poster art adds an exotic look to your home or office, and is something you will enjoy for many years to come.

For some excellent ideas on what wildlife poster art to collect, consider subscribing to the Wildlife Art Magazine, which contains information on wildlife art, artists, sculptors, collectors, press releases and lots more.

Happy collecting!


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