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X Box Wireless Controller Means Mobility, Excitement, and Comfort

The wireless x box controller should also come with special features like the rumble pack, which vibrates in sequence with actions from the game.



X Box Wireless Controller

by Brian Honeycutt

If you’re looking for more mobility and freedom in your game play, check out a wireless x box controller. These controllers let you play your favorite games in exactly the same way, but from up to 50 feet away and without any pesky cords to get in the way. If you’re like me and always end up with a mess of tangled cords (whether they be for games, your TV, or sound system) you can probably appreciate not having a mess of unnecessary cords snake around each other in your living room.

You can use your wireless x box controller with up to 3 other wireless controllers. Gameplay is exactly the same with a wireless controller, just with remote technology. Multiplayer gameplay is actually even easier with a wireless controller because players can move around or sit anywhere within 50 feet of the Xbox and gameplay continues. Hell, you can even run or jump around in your house with the wireless controller. Just imagine playing your favorite football, racing, or fighting game and being able to go nuts mimicking your characters moves.

The wireless x box controller should also come with special features like the rumble pack. If you’re new to video games, you might not know that the rumble box is something that vibrates in sequence with actions from the game. For example, if you’re playing a racing game and you crash into a wall, the rumble back will start to vibrate with a force relative to the violence of your crash. For years game developers have been attempting to make games as realistic as possible. The wireless x box controller, rumblepack, and better 3D technology are all steps in this direction.

There are a number of benefits to choosing the X Box over another game console. The X Box comes with a built in PC processor, allowing you to download and store new material for your games from Xbox Live. You can also upload your own music from a CD to be used for certain games. No other console can do this. This is a cool feature when you don’t want to listen to the pre-recorded tracks on a game.

My friend Stephen was really happy that he could replace the pop punk tracks on a particular racing game with tracks from his favorite metal bands like Megadeth and Judas Priest. When you add the mobility a wireless x box controller provides to these customization features, you get a console that has more freedom than a lot of other consoles.

However, it is true that wireless controllers exist for other consoles besides the X Box. Just because you have a GameCube, Playstation 2, or even a PC doesn’t mean you can’t use the same technology that a wireless x box controller uses. Luckily, most wireless controllers don’t cost much more than those with cords. I recommend looking online at a few different shops and controllers before you decided on purchasing one. Then it might be a good idea to buy one wireless controller, test it out, and see what you think before you replace all 4 controllers with wireless ones. In any case, have some fun, and happy gaming!

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