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Attention Deficit Disorder
(ADD), Depression and Rage
by Brian Benjamin Carter

Hi - My husband suffers from ADD as well as depression (rages). what kinds of herbs would you recommend he check into?
Thanks, Cindy


My short answer is that he needs to be evaluated by a professional. Prescribing just one herb is usually bad medicine. Prescribing anything without a thorough check-up will probably result in getting the wrong herbs and may worsen his condition. For more on this subject, read:

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

That's the best way to go, particularly for ADD, because that could be a number of different patterns. We do have an article about that which lists herbal formulas, but again I would advise against taking medicines on the basis of something you read in a magazine! The article is rather long and is actually meant for acupuncturists and herbalists to read. So I need to write something better for the regular person.


As far as rages go, that is usually Liver Yang Rising. That happens when Liver Yin is deficient. Note that the Liver I'm talking about is chinese medicine's conception of a system of things, not necessarily the physical liver organ. Liver Yang Rising is associated with things like headaches on the top or side of the head, red face or cheeks, red eyes, bitter taste in the mouth, and would be more likely to happen in the afternoon or evening. Hot foods like spicy chili's and greasy foods can worsen this problem.

Not only does the Liver Yang need to be rooted, but the Liver Yin (and often the Kidney Yin which supports it) needs to be nourished. This can be achieved dietarily with foods and by taking an appropriate herbal remedy. Liver Yang Rising is associated with hypertension, migraines, and strokes. That DOES NOT mean your husband will get or have these conditions. However, stopping the rage in its tracks could prevent them. Since high blood pressure (hypertension) is often silent (asymptomatic), it needs to be taken by a professional healthcare provider regularly.

Another possibility is Liver qi stagnation (depression) turning into fire (rage). These patterns are one major way that Chinese medicine diagnoses before treating people.

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One common herbal formula for Liver yin deficiency with Liver yang rising is Tian ma gou teng yin (Gastrodia & Uncaria Decoction). But your husband should be evaluated by a licensed and trained Chinese medical herbalist before any herbs are used.

We have a page of resources for finding acupuncturists and herbalists.

Get him to an acupuncturist who also knows chinese herbal medicine. Don't rely on magazines or websites alone!




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