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Acupuncture for Nasal Allergy
By Brian Benjamin Carter, MSci, LAc

Brian is an author of international renown and public speaker. He is currently writing his book Chinese Medicine: A Practical Guide to Optimal Healing. Brian practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in sunny San Diego, California.
My son age 31 suffers from allergy. Takes CLARITIN-D 24 hours one daily. Suffering for the last 10 years. Can acupuncture help? Where can I find one in Orlando, Florida?


Allergies and Immune System Problems

Yes, acupuncture is great for allergies, and immune system problems in general. As you may know, allergies are an immune system over-reaction. Chinese herbs are very helpful in getting the immune system back in order. They are superior in that they don't produce the side effects of OTC/drug agents.

How Many Treatments?

For long-term allergies, I'd suggest he sees the acupuncturist/herbalist for a good 2-3 months, at least once a week, perhaps twice a week in the first month... and then later perhaps to supplement his system during the season he is most affected.

More Details

Here's an article on a related topic- though it mentions children, it is not specific to them, and bear in mind that your herbalist might not choose this herbal formula once they've seen him personally. They'll choose the one that fits him best.

You may also be interested in our short acupuncture research summary which includes some scientific information about how acupuncture affects the immune system.

Finally, we have a number of articles on sinus problems, which can be a direct result of nasal allergies.



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