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Adidas Basketball Shoes: It’s All About the Play

Most Adidas basketball shoes come with the Adi-prene® technology that molds and conforms to your foot.



Adidas Basketball Shoes

by Amy Finley

Adidas Basketball Shoes: Taking on Your Game

If you’re checking out Adidas basketball shoes, chances are you’re a serious player. Wearing a top quality basketball shoe can only enhance your performance. If you want to find a shoe that can take on your game and come back strong, here are some general reminders in choosing basketball shoes, as well as specific features of Adidas basketball shoes that go the extra mile.

Flex and Form, Control and Comfort

When buying a basketball shoe, remember to look for flexibility. To make sure you can move quickly and easily, the shoe should be flexible enough to accommodate fast movement and give you good control over your movements as well. The form of the shoe to your foot should also be snug and secure, but comfortable; your game won’t be its best if the shoes move great but are low in the comfort zone. Adidas basketball shoes have a couple of features that address these concerns.

Most Adidas basketball shoes come with the Adi-prene® technology that molds and conforms to your foot. This not only provides incredible comfort and buoyancy, but locks your foot in place better so you don’t have to worry about your feet sliding around in your shoes while you’re on the court.

Some Adidas basketball shoes are also equipped with the Hug® system that allows you to control the snugness of your shoes for the best form and fit – dial up for a tighter fit, and dial down for a little bit more give.

Width and Weight

In choosing Adidas basketball shoes, or any basketball shoes, remember to assess both the width and weight in order to get the best shoe. The shoe should be lightweight enough to allow you to move easily and freely, and the width of the outsole should be wide enough to provide excellent stability while on the court.

Adidas basketball shoes do provide a great example of this type of width and stability. Many Adidas basketball shoes are equipped with the TorSion™ system that allows free movement and support without weighing your feet down.

Adidas Basketball Shoes: More Considerations

In addition to the aforementioned aspects to consider when you buy a basketball shoe, you also want to remember to get a shoe with proper ankle support. Having the right ankle support could make a big difference in terms of potential injury. Shock absorption is an important consideration as well -- and Adidas basketball shoes offer both a variety of choices with the a3™ shock absorption system and styles with exceptional ankle support.

Function vs. Fashion in Adidas Basketball Shoes

Even though Adidas is concerned primarily with function over fashion, it doesn’t mean you still won’t look good. Most Adidas basketball shoes have a crisp, clean, look, and while many styles pass on unnecessary flash, you can get find louder, cutting edge styles like Adidas’ Game Day Lightening in silver and black. So you don’t have to sacrifice looking hot while you’re working up a sweat.

The quality, comfort, and innovations of Adidas basketball shoes are a good choice for serious players because in today’s world, it’s not about showing off a name; it’s about proving your game.


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