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Freelance Articles by Amy Finley

In addition to being a freelance journalist with PulseMedia International, Amy Finley is also a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University.

Amy lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children.


Amy Finley Articles A-M

  • 2nd Investment Mortgage Property - With a 2nd investment mortgage property, it’s essential to think critically and clearly about the area and the property itself before you buy.
  • Atkins diet pro and cons - Although the jury’s still out on this one, there are certainly a number of Atkins diet pro and cons that should be considered when deciding on a dieting regimen.
  • Adidas Basketball Shoes - Most Adidas basketball shoes come with the Adi-prene® technology that molds and conforms to your foot.
  • American Airline reservation - Before you make your American Airline reservation, know how flexible you can be in terms on dates and times of departures.
  • Baby Ugg Boot - Another benefit of the baby ugg boot is that you do not need both shoes and socks – in fact, ugg boots are meant to be worn alone. So forget hunting all those itty-bitty socks that end up disappearing in the wash.
  • Beauty Fitness Yoga - What exactly can a beauty fitness yoga routine do for you?
  • Birkenstock Discount - You can find Birkenstock discount footwear today in much more than the traditional Birkenstock sandal.
  • Bratz Laptop
  • Cabbage Patch Kid - Cabbage Patch Kid dolls can also be customized for eye and hair color, as well as skin tone and ethnicity. For a small additional charge, a child can even pick out a specific birth date and name to be printed on the adoption certificate.
  • Canadian Rockies Travel - If your budget allows, you may want to consider a tour when planning your Canadian Rockies travel options.
  • Cheap Womens Car Insurance - You can find cheap womens car insurance by getting free quotes or estimates from several car insurance companies online and evaluating them to see which one offers the best deal on car insurance.
  • Cheap hotels San Diego - You also want to think about the location as well when looking at cheap hotels. San Diego offers a huge variety of attractions, so you want to consider where the hotels are located based on your plans and interests.
  • CHILD Magazine Subscription - A CHILD magazine subscription is a great tool for parents because it provides relevant, timely articles from all ends of the spectrum.
  • Child Ugg Boot - The child ugg boot will please even the most discerning child – the style is ‘cool’ and comfortable enough to make your kids happy, and looks classy enough for you to approve.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio Trailer Sales - Most Cincinnati, Ohio trailer sales dealers offer a variety of financing options, so if you don’t have the cash, but need your trailer today, it won’t be a problem.
  • Cingular Ring Tone - Depending on the style of your Cingular phone, you can download your Cingular ring tone in monophonic, polyphonic, or supertone formats.
  • Classic Ugg Boot - If you like the looks of a classic ugg boot, but see the pink ones and think, ‘ugg, pink!,’ don’t worry, you can find them in just about any color, from black, lilac, orange, ruby red, more understated neutrals, even to a denim look.
  • Cleveland Ohio real estate - Make sure your real estate agent knows exactly what you’re looking for when checking into Cleveland, Ohio real estate, and you’re sure to find it!
  • Cleveland Cavalier Ticket - Today, with the addition of Lebron James, a Cleveland Cavalier ticket is a hot commodity.
  • Columbus, Ohio Real Estate: Dream Homes and Details - Seemingly little details in looking for your perfect Columbus, Ohio real estate housing choice may make a big difference in the long run.
  • Columbus Ohio Web Design - Many Columbus, Ohio web design firms offer starter packages where they’ll set you up with everything you need – website design and lay out, graphics, web hosting, domain name registration, e-commerce, result tracking, search engine optimization, and more.
  • Congratulations laptop - This is why the Congratulations Laptop is becoming so big – the world today is so fast paced and enmeshed with computer technology, everyone can use a good laptop computer.
  • Continental tires - An important piece of advice is that when it comes to tires, whether you decide to go with Continental Tires or another brand, is that it doesn’t pay to skimp and get the cheap ones.
  • Costa Rica Villa - Costa Rica villa options range from modest and very affordable to extremely upscale, multi-bedroom accommodations with private maids and gardeners.
  • Country Bed Breakfast - When packing for your country bed breakfast stay, you may want to include things like a small CD player and some romantic music, bath beads or bubble bath, and scented candles.
  • Craftsman Tool - She hands him a shiny Craftsman tool to get the job done. The husband, elated at the gift of a new Craftsman tool, proceeds to fix the door and whistles while he does several other household repairs.
  • Day Care Software - The best daycare software will be able to sufficiently meet your needs, but it will also be easy to use.
  • Dell gx110 - Today, you can get a great quality used or refurbished Dell gx110 virtually anywhere on the net, and you can even find a price for under $150.
  • Disadvantage of Atkins diet - The good news is that despite these things that are considered a disadvantage of Atkins diet, there are also a number of things that can be considered an advantage of Atkins diet.
  • Discount Pet Supply - Don’t forget to browse closeouts, bargain counters, and specials sections at discount pet supply websites or stores – you may find a pet item you could really use or a great gift at practically nothing.
  • Dual Layer DVD Media - Dual layer DVD media offers high quality holding tanks for enormous amounts of data.
  • The Fairly Odd Parents: Wacky Fun from Four to Forty - The Fairly Odd Parents, which airs on Nickelodeon Fridays at 8:30/7c pm and Saturdays 1/12c pm, has received great reviews from people of all ages.
  • Free Cingular Ringtone - What’s great about a free Cingular ringtone is that Cingular has the Global SM standard for downloads – which means that you get better sounding ringtones.
  • Find Peoples E Mail Address - You may need to search at several sites before you find peoples e-mail address you need.
  • Florist Wholesale = Simple, Savvy Selling - In addition to the quality of service you want from your florist wholesale company, the product selection should be broad enough to meet your needs.
  • GA Loan - In addition to the GA loan programs offered by some counties, you might also consider looking into other personal loan options.
  • Hallmark Free E Card - Since the introduction of the Hallmark free e card, you no longer have to make a mad dash to the post office, cross you fingers, and desperately hope your card gets to where it’s supposed to before the birthday, anniversary, or holiday arrives.
  • Harley Davidson Boot: What to Consider When You Buy - When choosing a Harley Davidson boot, you might also want to check for styles that offer the ComfoTemp®lining to keep moisture off your feet and protect your feet from heat and cold.
  • Hawaiian airline - This article is designed to stop you before you book your Hawaiian Airline tickets, before you go any further
  • Hawaii Helicopter Tour - With a few preparations, your Hawaii helicopter tour is sure to be a safe, amazing, and exhilarating experience you will never forget.
  • Hip Hop Music Videos - Today, rap and hip hop music and rap and hip hop music videos are being critically examined and evaluated, not because of the rap/ hip hop music style, but for certain elements like materialism and sexism that pervade many hip hop music videos.
  • Hip Hop T Mobile Sidekick II - The best part? You can get a hip hop T Mobile Sidekick II for less than $200 bucks – no joke. (Keep reading and I’ll tell you how you may even be able to get one free).
  • Hip Hop Clothing, Women, and Style - While stores are bustling to keep up with the latest styles and demands for hip hop clothing, women have choices to find the hottest styles, usually at better prices, by shopping for hip hop clothes deals on the net.
  • Hip Hop Urban Clothing Wholesale - If you're looking for hip hop urban clothing, wholesale sites offer phat gear at slim prices.
  • Hip Hop Clothing Wholesale - Even better is that when it comes to hip hop clothing, wholesale doesn’t mean you’re stuck – usually you can get money back guarantees on your gear – if it doesn’t fit, or whatever, you can return it, no questions asked.
  • Incentive Promotion - If done well, an incentive promotion program can reap many benefits for both businesses and consumers.
  • Italian Restaurant Los Angeles - Tender veal parmesan, moist grilled salmon, clams or mussels enhanced by flavorful tomato and garlic sauces, juicy steaks… all these and more can be found on the menus of many an Italian restaurant, Los Angeles.
  • JDM Engine - You may want to consider how the JDM engine is sold – is it sold as a swap package, or will you have to purchase the other parts for the configuration separately?
  • Jimmy Choo Shoes II - Every woman deserves to be and feel beautiful in a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.
  • Lamp Berger - The lamp Berger lamps eliminate odors and efficiently and wonderfully revive a room with delicious scents.
  • Las Vegas Chapter 7 Lawyer - Some of the reasons you might contact a Las Vegas chapter 7 lawyer to file bankruptcy are: unemployment, very large medical expenses, outstanding credit balances (especially if the debt to income is not exactly where it should be), and divorce or marital problems.
  • Lindsay Lohan Rumor - Like the debate over the Lindsay Lohan Rumor single, some shake their heads at Lohan’s change in image and say ‘enough is enough,’ but Lohan fans, well, they just can’t get enough.
  • Listen to Free Music Online: Options, Pros, and Cons - If you want to listen to free music online today, it’s easy, and you have lots of options.
  • Live Strong Bracelet: Remembering Those Who Lived Strong - Bright, bubbly, always striving to find joy, humor, and the positive in her own life and in the lives of others, my Aunt Ruthie might as well have had the live strong bracelet motto stamped on her heart.
  • Live Strong Wristband: Spread the Inspiration, Fight for the Cause - Hang a live strong wristband on the doorknob of your office – you’ll be able to share a powerful message with anyone who stops by.
  • Live Strong Band - The ‘hip’ness of the live strong band comes from the fact that it supports a worthy cause.
  • Mary Kay Cosmetic - One thing you should feel great about is that when you buy a Mary Kay cosmetic item, you know you are purchasing a quality beauty product at a good price.
  • Mont Blanc Pen - A Mont Blanc pen truly puts the power of writing well in your hand.
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