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Adidas Sneaker: Quality, Passion, and History

The Adidas sneaker is something over and above a mere sneaker - it is a brand - and a quality - that says something special about you




Adidas Sneaker

by Peter Sylvester

The Adidas Sneaker

The Adidas Sneaker is more than just your dictionary definition - “a canvas shoe with a soft rubber sole”.

The name Adidas sneaker has come to typify the very best of a certain style of American shoewear.

Adidas Sneaker - the Definition

Those for whom the Adidas Sneaker is a passion have strict definitions.

The Upper must be made of fabric, leather or similar - the Outsole of rubber plastic or similar - while the whole thing must be for athletic use or informal wear!!

Adidas Sneaker - the History

The Adidas Sneaker is something to take pride in. Started as a German athletic shoe its founder - Adi Dassler - took the first six letters of his name to create the Adidas brand name.

His brother Rudolf, meanwhile, founded the Puma brand - great, but not nearly as great as Adidas.

The first recognition came from membership of the Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame to which the firm was admitted by the National Sporting Goods Association.

And the rest - from the 1920’s till today - is a story of the Adidas brand (and the Adidas Sneaker) being worn by - or sponsoring - successful teams in a whole host of sports.

Generally recognised by the three stripes and (in the old school) the trefoil label the Adidas sneaker has gone from strength to strength.

Adidas Sneaker - the New Technology

The new HUG technology has created quite a controversy.

Perhaps the laceless idea - a shoe designed to fit without fastening - may catch on - or maybe will be abandoned - but meanwhile what a wonderful impression it makes on the viewer.

The great thing is - it is still the genuine Adidas article.

Adidas Sneaker - Final Words

Make no mistake. The sneaker is what you want for leisure - athletic or casual - but the Adidas sneaker is something over and above a mere sneaker - it is a brand - and a quality -that says something special about you.

It speaks of care, quality, sporting acknowledgements and eighty odd years of skill and experience.

These are not things that come immediately - they have to be earned.

Don’t sell yourself short!

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