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Articles by Peter Sylvester, Journalist

Peter Sylvester is a seasoned journalist who has worked with radio, and written for such magazines as The Field, My Weekly, The Woodworker, and Radio Times. In previous successful careers, he has been an actor, teacher, and trader of gold, silver, and precious stones.




Peter Sylvester, Journalist

  • Adidas Sneaker - The Adidas sneaker is something over and above a mere sneaker - it is a brand - and a quality - that says something special about you.
  • Anchorage Alaska Real Estate - When you travel to Anchorage Alaska, real estate doesn’t comprise igloos and shacks but of houses from $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more.
  • Australian Ugg Boot - This wonder foot covering is known as the Australian Ugg Boot. That is - the Ugg Tall Boot from Australia.
  • Bed and Breakfast Ireland - Bed and Breakfast Ireland takes you back to an age where people were friendlier - and time passed - would you believe it - more slowly!
  • Bed and Breakfast Rome - It is a fact that Rome is the noisiest city in the world and so the Bed and Breakfast Rome presence in a quiet suburb is a tremendous boon.
  • Bed and Breakfast Wales - Rocky mountains, glacial lakes, waterfalls and wilderness compete for attention. Take your Bed and Breakfast Wales in Betws-y-Coed and you start from a spot where three rivers meet and the river Conwy move swiftly to the sea.
  • Bern Travel - Bern travel takes you to one of the great medieval cities. Virtually unchanged since the fifteenth century it has been granted a place on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.
  • Bird Collectible - Marked on the bottom this buzzard is a bird collectible you’ll want. At seven inches high it’s not a too imposing piece - but it’ll be a perennial point of conversation for your guests.
  • Birmingham England Hotels - Your enjoyment of England can have no finer base than Birmingham, England. Hotels are many and varied and whether its business or pleasure you won’t regret your stay.
  • Birthday Party Theme - The essence is to let the kids do what they want (within reason). Kids are tremendously inventive - and their imaginative birthday party theme may go beyond your expectations.
  • Boston Opera House - Seating about two and a half thousand people, the Boston Opera House will be an experience you’ll never forget.
  • Calais to Dover - In a one hour fifteen minute journey there is still time to enjoy the bars, restaurants, games rooms, and shops that are all part of the trip from Calais to Dover.
  • Canada Ski Vacation - A Canada ski vacation is a certain delight for skiers of all standards.
  • Canary Island Holidays - Canary Island Holidays can take you to La Palma - where colours dominate - the deep blue of the ubiquitous sea, the green of the most varied plant life in the Canaries and the black of the still exposed volcanic rocks and the beaches made of….black sand.
  • Car Cheap Rental - What you need for car cheap rental is someone you can trust to give you the wheels at the price!
  • Cheap Flights to Europe - Bona fide and worthwhile ways to save money and get cheap flights to Europe mean more money to spend on other more exciting things!
  • Cheap Skiing Holidays - There are obviously cheap skiing holidays in many countries but my choice would always be France. Easy to get to France now has huge ski circuits with piste for all abilities.
  • Concert tickets UK - Concert Tickets UK is a magical agglomeration of everything you could ever want.
  • Danner Boot - Like every Danner boot it’s not only a fine make, but you can send them back to the Danner experts for repair.
  • Delphi XM Radio - Delphi XM Radio is a wonderful addition to your audio collection. It’s a simple but sophisticated way to augment your listening by the addition of up to one hundred and twenty extra channels.
  • Discount Hotel Rooms London - Looking first for discount hotel rooms London will be your first step on a ladder of wonderful opportunities.
  • England Lake District - ...a throng of pleasure craft who use Lake Windermere for ferrying, cruising, water skiing or diving. The England Lake District captured my imagination immediately.
  • Flights to Scotland - Edinburgh is the destination for one of the most popular flights to Scotland. The magnificent rock with its imposing castle are the centre of Scotland’s wonderful capital.
  • Gold Canyon Candle - The great attraction of Gold Canyon Candle is not that they are a wonderful thing to buy - but also a great way to make money.
  • Gran Canaria Holidays - Gran Canaria Holidays have it all! The 2000 metre high central mountain range contains snow capped peaks, mountain massifs, desert land, tropical forest ...
  • Hawaii Helicopter Tour II- Take a Hawaii Helicopter Tour (from as little as $105) and a whole new world is revealed.
  • Holiday Inn Bristol - If you wish to travel a little farther from the Holiday Inn Bristol there’s Slimbridge’s wildfowl and wetland site, the Cheddar Gorge and caves and, a must for every visitor with leisure, the wonderful City of Bath.
  • Holiday Inn Cambridge: Spacious Comfort Near Great Local Attractions - Staying at the Holiday Inn Cambridge can take you deep into the heart of a totally different world.
  • Holidays in Dubai - ...dhows load colourful merchandise for distant shores - a scene best appreciated from an abra - a small water taxi - and you quickly register the breadth of culture and interest just waiting for those who take holidays in Dubai.
  • Holidays Sri Lanka - Holidays Sri Lanka give you endless white sand beaches which are transforming into a sophisticated playground with increasingly easy international flight arrivals.
  • Holidays to Cyprus - You would be wise to include a visit to these villages where even the briefest of holidays to Cyprus leaves you with a warmth and a feeling of friendliness which is balm to the frazzled western city soul.
  • Holidays to Egypt II - My name is Ozymandias King of Kings, Look on my works ye mighties and despair... or take one of those marvellous Holidays to Egypt and marvel.
  • Holidays to Tenerife - Whether you want to study a different culture - or bask in perfect weather on a sun-warmed beach - you cannot do better than book one of the Holidays to Tenerife.
  • Jobs in Bristol - There are a host of fields to discover jobs in. Bristol also boasts proximity to the glorious south west peninsula and a more laid back - less hyper - world than, say, London.
  • Livestrong Band: Small Way to Make a Huge Difference - A Livestrong Band costs only one tiny dollar - but that dollar goes towards one huge goal.
  • London flat rent - Remember - most London flat rent is based on position - and cheap may mean nasty. It applies everywhere, even in London. Flat rent is closely tied to merit - bear that in mind.
  • Luxury Hotels England - You can experience so many wonderful luxury hotels. England has a host in London - but there are a number dotted throughout the country.
  • Manchester United tickets - Generally sold out and exceptionally difficult to come by, Manchester United tickets are as rare as hens’ teeth .
  • Midland Hotel Manchester - The Midland Hotel Manchester is a prestigious Grade II listed Edwardian hotel set in the vibrant heart of the city centre only a few minutes' walk from Manchester's thriving nightlife, shopping district and theatres.
  • Mustang for Sale - At a maximum speed of around 170 mph it really is a joyful contemplation for those with the money to consider Mustang for sale!
  • P&O Ferries - P&O ferries should - I feel - be known by its full name - The Pacific and Oriental Steam Navigation Company! What a throw back to the time when travellers were up-market if they were POSH (Port Outward Starboard Home) and life on ship was a ball.
  • Palace Hotel Manchester - All of the rooms of the Palace Hotel Manchester are equipped with every modern comfort and convenience a business or leisure guest would expect.
  • Pinewood Derby Car Design - There are Pinewood Derby Car Designs like the Wedge Turbo, the Wing, Formula One or the Dragster - or more ‘advanced’ designs like The Rocket, the Interceptor or the Arrow.
  • Psychic Chat Online - There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio Than are dreamt of in your philosophy…and that includes psychic online chat.
  • Restaurant Philadelphia - You want a different kind of restaurant. Philadelphia actually provides a rich source of different menus.
  • Shearling Boot - For my money I’d go for the original Shearling Boot - a neat, chic brand of footwear which will never let you down.
  • Truck Tool Box - A truck tool box is an essential item to carry - from semis and law enforcement vehicles to pickups.
  • Ugg Tall Boot - To become even more beautiful the Ugg Tall Boot is your choice. Not often you’re told to look ugg-ly, is it?
  • Underwater Digital Camera - The underwater digital camera is a photographic breakthrough and its ease, adaptability and speed make it especially worth spending those precious dollars well.
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