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Don't Believe The Hype:
AIDS Supplement
by Brian Carter, L.Ac.

I was wondering if you could send me some information on the Chinese herb Revivo that is suppose to treat HIV. This is for a school paper. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I'd love to help.

First, Chinese herbs don't have names like, "Revivo."

It is probably a formula (a mixture of herbs), and it sounds commercial... so the question is:

  • Is it just a standard chinese herbal formula someone's trying to make money off of, or
  • A new and unproven combination?

Take Advantage of Expert Guidance

In general, consumers should avoid any herbal supplement that is sold directly to them- always go through a trained and licensed herbal practitioner. Witness the rash of ephedra deaths; taking herbs without expert guidance is foolhardy- especially with a serious condition like AIDS.

Herbs for AIDS

Have you read our articles on AIDS? We provide a lot more concrete and specific info about the usage of herbs for AIDS than you are likely to find in one product. We are a consumer adovacy/ information site... we have consciously chosen not to sell herbs to consumers directly. That way, you can trust our information.

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Revivo Review

Ok, I read about Revivo at Natureproducts.net/Medicine/Revivo.html

  1. Never buy any product that doesn't say what's in it. There have been many product recalls. Supplement companies are notorious for this, especially from China. They don't think anything of combining drugs with their herbs. That's their perspective- but it's not shared by the FDA and other medical experts.
  2. Immune stimulation is only one treatment strategy in AIDS treatment. This is not specific enough treatment for such a serious condition. Treatment varies with the individual. Our herbs for AIDS article provides more on this topic.
  3. It is unethical to sell treatments like this to consumers, even with lots of information attached. There is an inherent potential for misunderstanding and misuse, and thus it is a danger to the patient's health, and possibly more bad press for herbs. My advice would be to see a trained acupuncturist/herbalist who can prescribe this kind of thing based on the patient's specific situation, and supervise and guide the treatment.
  4. Their claim of no side effects is ludicrous. The reason we experience side effects from any drug or herb is because the medicinal is either powerfully unbalanced, or does not fit our patterns of disease specifically. With a general, non-personalized formula, it is impossible to avoid side effects in all patients. You must get a diagnosis from a practitioner one-on-one, and personalized herbal treatment to avoid side effects.

Hope that helps, and feel free to ask more.

All the best,

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