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Zithromax, Yeast Infections, Sinusitis, and Leaky Gut:
The Good, the Bad,
and Dysbiosis
by Brian Benjamin Carter

I absolutely LOVE your website!!! Talk about informative! In our world today there is NO reason for our ignorance on things such as our own HEALTH!

Dr. B, I have had a sinus infection twice in as many months so far this year. I guess it could be considered a cold maybe. Coughing, sneezing, headache, congestion, with some small episodes of chills. The first lasted almost 2 weeks & I rubbed down w/ vapor rub @ night, ate cough drops (fisherman's friend) & took Advil when needed.

The second is not as bad. Seems like I'm alot better & not quite a week yet.

I went by Doctors office yesterday & they gave me samples of Zithromax. DO NOT WANT TO TAKE IT! I am only 32 & I am going to start giving MY body a chance to fight its own battles from now on! I will only use natural meds because I feel like they wont throw my bodys' chemistry out of wack in the long run.


In Christ,

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic appreciation!

Zithromax, Sinusitis, Bacteria, and Viruses

So, what you describe sounds like it could be just as easily viral as bacterial, and hasn't the media pounded into our heads yet that antibiotics don't do anything against viruses? Western Med is still failing against chronic or recurrent sinusitis. We've got some chinese herb formulas for this... see a Chinese medicine herbalist.

Sometimes, Antibiotics are Great!

I have to emphasize that when antibiotics are indicated, they are wonderful- I had a really bad infection not too long ago. I staved it off, and reduced it with herbs, but finally when it wasn't going away after several days, I gave up and took antibiotics- there was a huge improvement within hours.

I was humbled and impressed.

Sometimes, chinese herbs are great for colds and flu's, but some infections are humdingers (another technical term).

So don't be afraid to use antibiotics when indicated... for example, a green smelly sinus infection. Of course, see your doctor and get their guidance.

Leaky Gut Syndrome: Preventing Post-Antibiotic Dysbiosis

Now, this is not to forget that antibiotics can throw off the intestinal flora and lead to chronic candida and other intestinal dysbioses (imbalances of the good bacteria in the intestines).

But if you follow up an antibiotic with broad-spectrum probiotics, you can keep the intestinal flora health, balanced and happy.

For more about these kinds of intestinal problems, read my articles about:

Thanks so much for your feedback, and all the best!

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