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Australian Ugg Boot: Best Footwear Ewe Ever Herd Of

This wonder foot covering is known as the Australian Ugg Boot. That is - the Ugg Tall Boot from Australia.




Australian Ugg Boot

by Peter Sylvester

This wonderfoot covering is known as the Australian Ugg Boot. That is - the Ugg Tall Boot from Australia.

Now don’t get confused by the Ugh Tall Boot - this is made of cardboard and seaweed, falls apart in the rain, and smells - well - Ugh. This is the Australian Ugg Boot.

The Ugg Tall Boot is another kettle of fish (you know what I mean) entirely.

Possibly the Swedish slang for ‘ewe’ the Ugg Tall Boot has been adopted by - of all people - the Aussies - who coined the novel idea of making boots out of sheeps’ legs.

Now don’t get me wrong - the sheep has a right to its legs - unless fashion calls.

And the Ugg Tall Boot - or the more accurately designated - Ewe Tall Boot - has a great deal to offer.

For instance, it’s a sharp reminder - as you look admiringly at it - that mutton might be nice for dinner.

And you can’t see those woollen bottoms without thinking ‘that’s shear beauty.’

The Australian Ugg Boot has become so much in demand that the proliferation of legless sheep is now so great that Australia is corralling them in sea inlets along with elephants seals and sea cows.

The Australian Ugg Boot is for Ewe

One of the Aussie Dogs collection (I’m sure I started with sheep) might suit you.

There is a huge variety of chic, up-to-the-minute footwear providing dozens of shapes sizes and heights.

Aussie Dogs sheepskin footwear is made of the highest quality supple lambskin, and has a non-skid sole that is ideal for - well - anything.

Australian Ugg Boot means double-stitching with reinforced toes and heels for durability, and removable inner soles for added comfort and longer wear life - something before only sheep boasted.

And interestingly those sheep legs - still unsheared - can be worn in summer or winter - ski pants or shorts.

Sheeps’ legs - the authentic Australian Ugg Boot - can be worn - not merely by the flock - but by me you and anyone else who wants to run with the crowd in the smartest - most up-to-date style of all.

Wear the Australian Ugg Boot and people will NOTICE.

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