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Beauty Fitness Yoga Means Weight Loss, Firming, and Toning!

What exactly can a beauty fitness yoga routine do for you?



Beauty Fitness Yoga

by Amy Finley

Beauty, Fitness, Yoga Does It All

With over eighteen million Americans involved in yoga in some form or another, yoga is a hot and healthful trend that provides many benefits in the areas of health, beauty, fitness. Yoga styles vary, but all styles are holistic and concern themselves with balance and unification.

In today’s modern age of ‘miracle’ cures (think patches, pills, and creams for just about everything) yoga is a natural and proven alternative to many of the problems in health, beauty, and fitness. What exactly can a beauty fitness yoga routine do for you? Read on.

Weight Loss, Firming, and Toning

To answer a major concern in beauty fitness, yoga is an activity that promotes weight loss naturally. By building and strengthening muscles and burning calories, yoga helps melt fat away and reveal toned, healthy muscles. The Ashtanga style of yoga, often referred to as ‘power’ yoga, uses the postures or asanas of yoga in a connected form that is more aerobic in nature. This type of yoga is popular for those interested in weight loss as part of their beauty fitness yoga routine.

Virtually all styles of yoga are helpful in firming, toning, and strengthening muscles, an essential in almost everyone’s beauty fitness. Yoga also is beneficial in beauty fitness by creating better alignment of the spine and body. (Remember how your mother always told you not to slouch?) Proper alignment of the spine and body is an important health concern and improves your appearance as well.

Magnificent Melanin: Beauty Fitness Yoga Routine For Better Skin

Another popular concern in beauty fitness yoga addresses is the appearance of the skin. Common problems people want to correct in the skin’s appearance include acne, wrinkles, sagging and loose facial skin, dark circles, and dull skin. Since yoga is holistic in nature, focusing on both internal and external balance and unification, it significantly helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Problems such as acne and dark circles are often caused by stress, so the skin is improved in this way with a beauty fitness yoga routine.

Wrinkles, sagging, and loose facial skin are another concern in beauty fitness. Yoga addresses these problems by firming and tightening the muscles. The tone and sheen of skin is also improved by the increased blood circulation that results from yoga.

Alertness and Attitude

Additional benefits in beauty fitness yoga encourages are alertness and positive attitude. Generally speaking, those that practice yoga have more energy and are more alert. This is reflected in your appearance and health because your eyes will be brighter and your activity level will be higher and more efficient.

A positive attitude is not unrelated to concerns of beauty fitness. Yoga encourages holistic mental and physical health, and a positive attitude can significantly improve one’s overall looks and fitness level. A positive attitude helps fitness keep routines in place, and helps you achieve your fitness goals. It also improves your looks by helping your overall demeanor to be more relaxed and pleasant from the stress relief yoga provides. And a smile on your face is an instant makeover in beauty fitness yoga can induce!

Beauty Fitness Yoga Resources

There is a plethora of beauty fitness yoga resources available today, from classes and groups to CD’s, books, videos, and DVD’s. You can practice yoga in group settings, with family or friends, or individually. There are many different styles of yoga that can meet your needs in looking great and being fit. You may want to try several different styles before you decide which one is right for you.

Whatever your needs in beauty fitness, yoga probably has a solution!


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