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Birkenstock Discount Footwear: Make Your Feet and Wallet Happy

You can find Birkenstock discount footwear today in much more than the traditional Birkenstock sandal.



Birkenstock Discount Footwear

by Amy Finley

If you’re looking for a pair of Birkenstock discount sandals or shoes, you’re already doing the right thing for your feet. When you look for a Birkenstock discount, though, you need to see if the sandals or shoes you’re getting are Birkenstocks at a discount price, not just Birkenstock look alikes.

Why does it matter if they’re Birkenstock look-alikes ("Birkalikes") or Birkenstock discounts?

If all you’re looking for is to sport one of the Birkenstock styles, it probably doesn’t. But for most of us, our busy lives and long hours standing, walking, and levels of activity in both work and leisure require much more than just fashionable styles when it comes to footwear. Here’s wear sporting a pair of Birkenstock look-alikes and a pair of genuine Birkenstock discount shoes or sandals makes a difference.

Genuine Birkenstocks have a specially designed footbed that actually molds to the foot, made of durable materials like cork that have contributed to better foot health for many. Birkenstocks provide a level of support and comfort that aren’t the same in other shoes and sandals, even if the style is similar.

Birkenstocks and Price

When you buy Birkenstocks, you are getting a quality product. With proper care of your Birkenstock footwear, they can last for many years. (Birkenstocks are even fully repairable). While the Birkenstocks are value priced, their quality making them worth the price, many of most of us aren’t working with unlimited income… so we need to look for a Birkenstock discount.

Seasonal shopping for a Birkenstock discount

Most shoe retailers offer good sales, often between 30 to 50% off or more on selected styles before the start of a new season. So a good bet when you’re looking for a Birkenstock discount is to plan ahead and shop for your Birkenstock discount footwear before you need it.

You can also find Birkenstock discounts on certain styles that have been discontinued. Since Birkenstocks generally tend to last for a long time, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be out of style.

Birkenstock discount footwear for everything

You can find Birkenstock discount footwear today in much more than the traditional Birkenstock sandal. Birkenstock carries stylish and comfortable footwear for men, women, and children in styles from water sandals, sporty casuals, hiking boots, dress shoes, and more. From cute casual styles to classy dress shoes to medical shoes, you can save on Birkenstock footwear in everything –Birkenstock sandals, clogs, shoes and boots.

For women, one of the latest Birkenstock styles is the Eden Almond leather Marry Jane (also available in black) – a gorgeous blend of sass and style perfect for any age and cute with everything from skirts to jeans ($150). The modern look of the Gizah Dotties (in silver) ($75) are a simple, fun, yet classy thong sandal perfect for warmer weather.

For men, the sporty casual Santarem ($160) in toffee and beige is a great look from the newest Birkenstock arrivals. You may also be able to find a Birkenstock discount on the classic Lawrence Birkenstock oxford in an oiled leather look available in copper, black and mahogany ($180).

For kids, the Fun Birki water shoe ($35) available in baby pink, light blue, deep blue, and lavender is a great buy. The Birkenstock kids’ neutral Jumpstone ($90) also makes a durable and versatile school or play shoe.

Where to buy Birkenstocks

You can find Birkenstock’s at many department stores, like Nordstrom, and some areas have Birkenstock stores. There are also many online retailers that offer Birkenstock discount footwear in many styles. Most places now have hassle-free return policies (one site even allows you to return your Birkenstocks up to one year, as long as they don’t show signs of wear). You can also get free shipping at many sites if you purchase your Birkenstock discount footwear online.

When shopping online, just remember to check whether or not the Birkenstock discount shoes or sandals are knock-offs or the real thing – you’re feet’ll thank you!


In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Amy Finley is a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University. She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children.


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