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Car Cheap Rental: Who to Trust for Really Cheap Wheels

What you need for car cheap rental is someone you can trust to give you the wheels at the price!




Car Cheap Rental

by Peter Sylvester

What you need for car cheap rental is someone you can trust to give you the wheels at the price! I know you can get caught out with sudden needs and your choice is limited - but there are outfits that can save you bucks even then.

You want a car. Cheap rental is not from the major companies - but from someone who runs a discount rental company for airports (preferably around the world).

Those who specialize in this kind of car cheap rental - generally will have the funds to ensure new and dependable vehicles. And it’s important that you get what you want from your car. Cheap rental doesn’t mean a clapped out five year old monster!

One firm is offering a 2005 10% discount on new Cruisers. Worth finding out more

Car Cheap Rental - What To Look For

What you want depends on what you are doing - but a good rule of thumb is to shop around - not just for price - but for style. And do check for drop off points, roadside help etc.

Advantage Rent-A-Car would be the kind of outfit that might suit you. With one hundred and twenty five outlets throughout the western states they offer a variety of programs and services to suit your needs - and pockets! This is the type of car cheap rental you might look for.

Car Cheap Rental - Another Possibility

On the other hand Enterprise Rent-A-Car could be the exact thing for you.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car makes it easy to find rates and book car rentals online.

It boasts a fleet of more than 389,000 vehicles and this will undoubtedly include exactly the size of vehicle to meet your specific needs.

Firms like this provide car cheap rental through the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland.

Car Cheap Rental - Look Around

You will find many discount car rental facilities which are not as huge as these - Arizona and Seattle give you good value for money from reasonably small fleets. The essence is to choose - and choose carefully.

This way you have a chance to rent a car - large or small - and not feel you need a second mortgage to pay for it!

Car Cheap Rental - Really Cheap

If you want a really cheap car - then - here and there - you’ll find Rent-A-Bucket or something similar. These are motors - maintained but well past their best - where everything - from car to insurance (your insurance may be enough) is deliberately as cheap as possible.

They’re not my cup of tea - but who knows - you might - if nothing else - find them……interesting!



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