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Car Magnets Stick to Your Car and Attract People



Another great use of the Car Magnet is to advertise your business or service. If you can't put a giant Red Bull can on your car, or your wife won't let you, try a car magnet.








Car Magnet Phenomenon

by Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc
Brian Carter, acupuncturist, herbalist, and author

Bumper stickers have had their heyday. Their time has come and gone. The car magnet is the wave of the future. Why? Easy. Have you ever tried to take a bumper sticker OFF your car?

How do you suppose it feels right now to have a Kerry-Edwards sticker on your car right now? I wouldn't know. But you must be thinking- shoot, it's not going to be easy to get that off there, and everyone's going to see me doing it. I guess I'm stuck with it. Not so with a car magnet.

That's right- with a car magnet, you can loudly and proudly proclaim your allegiance to any cause today, then change your mind tomorrow, and say the opposite - They're perfect for flip floppers!

Just kidding. Car magnets are good for anyone who wants to have their say and protect their car. These days, most cars have 2-3 owners... so when it comes time to sell or trade your car in, you don't want a bumper sticker taking money out of your pocket, and you definitely don't want to be out there with soap and water scraping it off, trying not to leave marks on the bumper.

No, the car magnet is a genius idea. And geniuses of all kinds are slapping them onto their cars. For example, here are some bipartisan examples of popular car magnets of the day:

So you can say whatever you want with a car magnet.

Me? I don't use car magnets. I'm waiting for the day when we all have LED signs on the back of our cars and we can say whatever comes to mind- wait a minute. On second thought, I think I better just keep quiet.


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