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Cheap Womens Car Insurance: How to Get the Best Rates

You can find cheap womens car insurance by getting free quotes or estimates from several car insurance companies online and evaluating them to see which one offers the best deal on car insurance.



Cheap Womens Car Insurance

by Amy Finley

Cheap Womens Car Insurance: As the Saying Goes, ‘If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It…’

(Note, this article is not just for UK women) If you’re a woman in the UK, most car insurance companies will give you cheap womens car insurance because, well, you’re a woman. This tops the list because it’s definitely the easiest way to lower your car insurance premiums (unless you’re a man, that is).

If you are a woman in the UK, I can’t advise you strongly enough, you should definitely check out some web sites and get the best cheap womens car insurance deal you can for all your US sisters who can’t use their gender to their advantage. Over 1million sites on the web for cheap womens car insurance and I have yet to find one insurance company that gives a discount to US women just for being women…

Get Free Quotes on Car Insurance

With the explosion of the World Wide Web, most reputable companies will have a web site and advertise on the Internet (and if they don’t they are probably losing out on a lot of business!). You can find cheap womens car insurance by getting free quotes or estimates from several car insurance companies online and evaluating them to see which one offers the best deal on car insurance.

Utilizing the online forms that offer free car insurance quotes may take a few minutes, but it’s definitely worth it to save a bundle of money each year on lower car insurance premiums.

Pay Your Car Insurance Bill Online

Many car insurance companies will offer a reduction on your premiums if you pay your bill online with a credit or debit card. This is another easy way to get cheap womens car insurance – just paying your car insurance bill online alone can save you up to 10% with some car insurance companies!

Some places will also let you pay your car insurance premium each month rather than all at once with no additional fees. This is a huge bonus if you’re short on cash.

Being a Defensive Driver Can Get You Cheap Womens Car Insurance

Unfortunately, even being in an accident that’s not your fault can cause your car insurance premiums to go up. So, in order to get cheap womens car insurance be as defensive as you can when you are driving. In addition, you may also get discounts on car insurance by taking a defensive driving course or joining certain motorist groups like the RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association.

Get More Than One Insurance Policy

Most car insurance companies offer deals if you have more than one policy – if you insure your house or get renter’s insurance with the same company, for example, you’ll get a cheaper rate on your car insurance.

You can also get cheap womens car insurance if you have more than one car on the policy. So if you and your spouse both have a car insured with the same company, they’ll give you a discount.

Parking in a Garage Can Get You Cheap Womens Car Insurance

Car insurance companies charge you more if your vehicle isn’t parked in a secured spot – like a garage. They’re not just curious whether you park in the street or not – it’s a theft risk factor. If you’ve got access to a garage, utilize it. It might just make the difference between expensive and cheap womens car insurance.

Buy a New Car

Were you expecting this one? Seriously, new cars cost less money to insure. While most of us don’t have the funds lying around to purchase a new car whenever we wish, if you are in the market for a new car, getting one, especially if it is a safe and conservative model, will likely help you get cheap womens car insurance.

It’s also worth it to take advantage of additional or optional safety features when you get a new car – added safety features mean cheaper car insurance rates.

Whatever car insurance provider you choose, these tips should help you get the cheap womens car insurance you need. Good luck!

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In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Amy Finley is a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University. She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children. More Amy Finley Articles


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