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Cleveland Cavalier Ticket: Don’t Miss Out on the Action!

Today, with the addition of Lebron James, a Cleveland Cavalier ticket is a hot commodity.


Cleveland Cavalier Ticket

by Amy Finley

The Cleveland Cavalier Ticket… From Lukewarm to Boiling Point

Growing up in the greater Cleveland area, I have memories of many a Cleveland Cavalier game being watched on our tv. I can recall my dad’s and brother’s occasional cheers (and more than a few agitated “c’mon’s” shouted in aggravation to the oblivious tv screen) during those games.

My three brothers, my sister, and I all played basketball and shot hoops on our driveway for many years. So what if we were a quarter of the size of most Cleveland Cavalier players? We thought we could beat the pants off’em. (Judging from the lukewarm attention to purchasing a Cleveland Cavalier ticket in the pre-Lebron days, some fans might’ve said we could…)

Now, a Cleveland Cavalier ticket is so hot, it’s boiling.

Cavs Action Today

Today, with addition of Lebron James, a Cleveland Cavalier ticket is a hot commodity. The action, the excitement, and the adrenaline rush of a Cleveland Cavaliers game is something no Clevelander wants to miss.

And if you’re visiting Cleveland? No question, a Cleveland Cavalier ticket purchase and visit to the Gund is a must.

Get the Best Seats: Buy Early

Although you can purchase a Cleveland Cavalier ticket easier than ever before by phone, online (lots of discounts are available on the web, too), at the Gund Arena box office, and at certain ticketmaster locations in the greater Cleveland area, your best bet when purchasing Cleveland Cavaliers tickets is to buy ‘em n advance.

You’ll get the best seats and be guaranteed to see the action if you grab a Cleveland Cavalier ticket early. Or better yet – go for one of the great season ticket packages available.

Anytime is a Great Time To See a Cleveland Cavs Game

A Cleveland Cavalier ticket is a great idea for a fun night out. (And for many hardcore Cavs fans, it’s not just a night out – it’s a mission –gotta be at the Gund).

Seeing a Cleveland Cavs game is also something you can enjoy with anybody -- from getting together with buddies from the office, entertaining clients (check out the VIP seating ticket packages available), and dates, to family fun nights (the Mcfamily night includes a full McDonald’s meal with a Cleveland Cavalier ticket purchase).

A Cleveland Cavalier Ticket Makes a Great Gift

Not sure what to get someone for the next holiday, birthday, or other special occasion?

A Cleveland Cavalier ticket makes a great gift. People of every age, from kids to grandparents have a great time at a Cavs game. (Give’em two tickets, and maybe they’ll invite you to go with them). The memory and excitement of seeing a Cavs game is a great alternative to getting a gift for someone he or she may or may not like. (Think about it – have you ever seen your Dad wear that tie-dyed tie you got him a couple of years ago?)

Check on the web to get great deals on a Cleveland Cavalier ticket, for yourself, your kids, heck, maybe you can even lure great Aunt Margaret out of the house with’em, and you’ll be glad you got to see the Cavs in action!

For more on how Lebron James wowed Cavs fans read this


In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Amy Finley is a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University. She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children.


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