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Converse All Star Shoes: Bestselling Sneakers Ever

Since their inception, over 750 million pairs of Converse all star shoes have been sold.


Converse All Star Shoes

by Joel Jacobson

Nothing Better than Classic Converse All Star Shoes

When you say the name Converse All star shoes, it immediately conjures up one feeling….classic. They’ve been around for years, and their popularity is as big today as it was years ago.

Converse All Star shoes are the oldest, most popular, and the best selling sneakers of all time. It’s been said that sixty percent of all Americans own or have owned a pair of converse sneakers. Converse has delivered a consistent, well-made product at a reasonable price. They have character, and they have nostalgia. These are the shoes that basketball grew up in.

The Converse rubber corporation opened for business in 1908. They saw with the popularity of basketball the need to develop a performance basketball shoe. This resulted in the Converse All star shoes in 1917. Now that’s Old school! Back in those days, it was the first mass produced sneaker and came in one color – black. Around this time came the first athlete endorsement in the sneaker industry. A basketball player for the Akron Firestones, Chuck Taylor loved his Converse All Star shoes so much he joined the Converse sales team as a spokesperson for the shoes. Because of all of his dedication, Converse renamed the Converse All Star Shoes to the Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoe.

Converse began producing the shoes in a variety of colors as well as black and whites after World War II. The classic Converse All star shoes recognized around the world are the “Chuck Taylor”. The unique ankle patch and the molded sole imprint make these shoes immediately recognizable. Since their inception, over 750 million pairs of Converse all star shoes have been sold. WOW!!

Now known for its leisure fashion than for a pure basketball shoe, Converse All Star shoes have transcended the basketball world and have become a fashion statement. When someone says he or she is wearing their “Chucks”, you know they are wearing Chuck Taylor Converse All Star shoes. They’ve been recognized by Vogue and GQ as fashion classics. They’ve been seen in numerous TV shows and movies.

Price and selection are what Converse All Star shoes are all about. You can still pick up the original color white stitched with rubber sole, high top canvas upper for around forty bucks. Nowadays, you can get almost any color you can imagine. They even come in graffiti patterns, plaids, and neon colors. High tops, low tops, and knee-hi’s. Yes, they go up to your knees!

Converse all star shoes are comfortable and lightweight. A piece of rubber and canvas, but they break in easy and are oh so comfortable. What more could you ask for in a leisure shoe?

Is there a downside? Yeah. Since Nike bought them out in 2003 , Chucks became the flagship of the retro-sneaker revolution. It used to be exciting to find the oddball pair of colored Cons or customize your own, but now websites have made them available to everyone. I guess you're just going to have to get more creative with those sharpies!

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