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Articles by Joel Jacobson, Freelance Writer

Mr. Jacobson is a freelance writer, web designer, and product design engineer. He's an avid fisherman who loves to northern and musky fish.

He and his wife recently adopted two infant girls from Russia, and that keeps them quite busy.


Articles by Mr. Joel Jacobson

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  • Air Tran Airline - After only 3 round trips in business class on, or 4 in coach on Air Tran Airline, you’ve already earned a free round trip ticket with the A+ Rewards program.
  • Aloha Airline - Aloha Airlines provides all-jet service flights to five major airports in the State of Hawaii and the continental United States.
  • Anchorage Alaska Real Estate - You will never run out of things to do while enjoying your Anchorage Alaska real estate.
  • Apple ipod 4gb - Want a different color? The Apple iPod 4GB mini has 5 different colors to choose from: Green, Silver, Gold, Blue and Pink.
  • Arctic Cat Snowmobile - One very cool Arctic Cat Snowmobile is the Crossfire. It’s a hybrid, meaning its combination of both a performance sled and a mountain sled.
  • Arkansas bed breakfast - If you are ever in Razorback country, a visit to an Arkansas Bed Breakfast should be a definite yes on your lodging itinerary.
  • Ashlee Simpson - Ashlee Simpson started dancing at the age of 4. By eleven she enjoyed the status of being admitted to the American School of Ballet, the youngest person ever to do so.
  • Beauty Salon Boston - When you’re done with your beautification at a Beauty Salon Boston, you may want to check into one of Boston’s many hotspots.
  • Beauty Salon San Diego - There are nine different types of massages at Spa Coronado, a top notch beauty salon San Diego.
  • Breast cancer pink ribbon - If you know someone who has breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon can be a great way to show your support for the fight against breast cancer and become more aware of the issues related to fighting the disease.
  • Car Paint Jobs - If you have an old classic car or truck you are looking to restore, then a good car paint jobs is essential to making it look like something to be proud of.
  • Cheap Airplane Ticket: Small Airlines, Flight Consolidators, and Standby - Since low cost airlines have become players in the airline industry, getting a cheap airplane ticket has become easier than ever before.
  • Cheap Plane Ticket - Another way to find a cheap plane ticket, but unorthodox, is to become and Air Courier. An Air courier delivers or “courier” packages and information for clients all around the world.
  • Chevy Truck Part - Chevy trucks have been around since the 20’s, and you can still find numerous Chevy truck part over the internet and through auto salvage yards and catalogs.
  • Classic Reebok Shoes - Classic Reebok shoes are available in 170 different countries. Creating innovative products in the marketplace has been a central theme at Reebok.
  • Converse All Star Shoes - Since their inception, over 750 million pairs of Converse all star shoes have been sold.
  • Dell Dimension 2350 - Want great performance at a great price? Try the Dell Dimension 2350.
  • Dell Dimension 4550 - Looking for a mid-range, high performance desktop? The Dell Dimension 4550 is one to focus in on.
  • Dewalt Tool - A Dewalt tool is backed by one of the best warrantees in the industry. A three year limited warranty which Dewalt will repair without charge any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship.
  • Download Free LimeWire - Once you start to download free limewire, you will notice the thousands of hosts and billions of files, and several terabytes of data available.
  • Dr Martens Boot - Dr. Martens boot became notorious because of the steel-toe capped variety used to inflict great harm on soccer fans and rival gangs in England.
  • Ford Auto Part - Since the inception of the internet, finding a good Ford Auto part is much easier now.
  • Free Cell Phone Wallpaper - Depending upon your lifestyle, there’s surely a Pocono Resort for you, your budget, and your family.
  • Frontier Airline - Frontier Airline is the second largest carrier out of Denver International airport, with 225 daily departures and arrivals.
  • Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour - Within the gorge there are valleys, buttes and mesas to behold while you’re enjoying your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.
  • Green Bay Packer ticket - Trying to get a Green Bay Packer ticket is kind of like winning the lottery: it takes a bit of money and a lot of luck.
  • Hotels San Jose California - San Jose is known as the gateway to northern California, and staying at hotels San Jose California is one of the best ways to experience San Jose and all it has to offer
  • Huntington Beach California hotel - There are tons of things to do while enjoying your stay at one of the Huntington Beach California hotels.
  • Madison Wisconsin Real Estate: Live with Beautiful Scenery & Booming Ecomony - The city of Madison is located between the isthmus of Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. Its superb scenery, architecture, and topography make it an ideal place to live and own Madison Wisconsin real estate.
  • Merrill Wisconsin - Nestled in beautiful northern Wisconsin, Merrill Wisconsin has its roots from the settlements of the great timber era of the 1840’s.
  • Michael Jordan Shoes - Michael Jordan shoes, more commonly known as Air Jordan’s, have been around since 1985. It has consistently been one of the best selling basketball shoes since their inception.
  • Milwaukee Power Tool - All Milwaukee power tool have an industry best 5 year warranty on all of its heavy duty tools.
  • NADA Blue Book - The NADA Blue Book guides are the largest appraisal guides in the world.
  • New Balance 574 Brown - The New Balance 574 Brown features the New Balance classic design that has instant retro appeal.
  • New Balance Cross Trainer: Shock Absorbing, Lightweight, Stable, Satisfying - For mid foot support, the New Balance Cross Trainer has a stability web which also provides torsional stability while reducing weight.
  • New Balance Trail Shoes: Rugged, Cushioned Comfort and Stability - The New Balance Trail shoes provide awesome comfort on roads, while still offering grip and stability needed for trails.
  • New Balance Running Shoes: Best Comfort, Quality, and design- All New Balance running shoes go through strict product development, prototyping and testing.
  • Nike Air Force One - The Nike Air Force One must be popular because the rapper Nelly even wrote an entire song about them. You know your shoes are good if there’s a song dedicated to your shoes!
  • Nike Basketball Shoes: Fast Break in the Footsteps of Jordan, Lebron... - On a fateful day in 1971, a University of Oregon track coach, Bill Bowerman, poured rubber onto his wife’s waffle iron. This waffle outsole transformed the running world, and soon after followed Nike Air, the premier Nike basketball shoes.
  • Nitto Tires - Every review for the Nitto Tires that you will read will be 4 or 5 stars. These tires have an incredible customer loyalty and satisfaction. That says a lot about the quality.
  • Nokia Camera Phone - With the Nokia camera phone you can not only take pictures, but video too!
  • Non Prescription Contacts - For the more wild at heart, there’s a wide variety of novelty non prescription contacts that are flooding the market now. There are different designs you can get like “flame”, “alien”, and “cat’s eye” to name just a few.
  • Oregon bed breakfast - The scenery in Oregon is fantastic... A stay at an Oregon Bed Breakfast will be the icing on the cake for your visit to this beautiful state.
  • Packer pro shop - The Packer Pro Shop is 2 full stories inside the Lambeau Field Atrium packed with merchandise.
  • Pink bracelet - The pink bracelet helps remind us all to keep up the fight. It also helps to raise money for breast cancer research programs.
  • Pocono Resort - Depending upon your lifestyle, there’s surely a Pocono Resort for you, your budget, and your family.
  • Property for Sale Turkey - Whether you want to live full time in Turkey, or rent your property out for a profit, property for sale Turkey can be an excellent investment.
  • Rent a Tire - If you’re looking to 'pimp your ride', but don’t have the 'bling-bling', then Rent a Tire is the next place for you to stop and check out.
  • Restaurant Austin: If you’re looking for good food in Austin, you’ll certainly find a restaurant Austin that’s sure to please. Seafood, Mexican, great drinks, and fun atmospheres abound in this capitol city.
  • Restaurant Boston - Once a regular stop for Jay Leno, the Paramount is a restaurant Boston that’s sure to please the budget minded diner.
  • Restaurant Minneapolis - Rossi’s Steakhouse, a fantastic downtown restaurant Minneapolis, specializes in great steaks. It also features a tavern and jazz room to add to your dining experience.
  • Restaurant Philadelphia - One type of cuisine you must try while you are in one of restaurant Philadelphia is the famous Philly Cheese Steak.
  • Restaurant Seattle - Sometimes called Seattle’s most beautiful restaurant, Canlis is a restaurant Seattle you won’t soon forget.
  • Restaurant Washington DC - Capital Lounge is a restaurant Washington DC known for its 25 cent Wednesday night taco specials. It’s a Capital Hill favorite – greasy but good.
  • Retro New Balance Shoes - A distinct change with the retro New Balance shoes compared to their others is the suede upper.
  • Snow Tire - There are two components that make up a good snow tire; biting edges and tread compound.
  • Ski Wisconsin - If you like to cross country ski Wisconsin, one event you may want to see is the American Birkebeiner, North America’s largest ski marathon.
  • Sportsmans Guide - The Sportsmans guide has one of the strongest guarantees in the business. They stand by every item they sell.
  • Tires and Rims - Changing the tires and rims is the number one single improvement modification that can be done to a vehicle.
  • Tires Cheap - If you drive an older car, truck, or SUV, why spend a lot of money on new tires when you can buy some good tires cheap?
  • Torrent Search - Find Music, TV Shows, Games, and More - Torrent search swarm members use special torrent client software to upload, download, and then reconstruct the bits and pieces of all these files into usable files.
  • Toshiba satellite 1905 - Although a little bulky in size, for under two grand, the Toshiba Satellite 1905-S301 is a super cool notebook with lots of horsepower, great looks, and good choice for those who are looking for a desktop replacement.
  • Truck Tool Box - A truck tool box is made out of either aluminum, steel, or a combination of both.
  • Ugg Sundance Boot - The Ugg Sundance boot is part of what is known as their “ULTRA” collection. This means they are reinforced with cow suede at the toe and the heel.
  • Ugg Tall Boot - The Ugg tall boot comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Colors available are chestnut, pale/powder blue, black, lilac and sand.
  • Used Honda Engines - Quality used Honda engines is an extremely cost effective way of keeping the car you love and being able to drive it for many more years to come.
  • Used Nissan Engine II - There are plenty of opportunities to locate and acquire a used Nissan engine.
  • Used Snowmobile - Get educated about the specific used snowmobile you are looking to buy.
  • Vans Skateboard Shoes - Based in Sante Fe Springs, just east of Los Angeles, Vans skateboarding shoes is one of the oldest and biggest players in the action sports industry.
  • Vienna Tour - One stop on your Vienna tour that is a must is the Vienna Opera house.
  • Wisconsin bed breakfast - Lovingly restored, Many a Wisconsin Bed Breakfast is located in an older building from a bygone era with a richness, character, and a flavor all of their own.
  • Wisconsin getaway - A Wisconsin getaway can be one of many things. It can be an outdoor adventure, or something more laid - back and cozy. Whatever your tastes, Wisconsin has plenty to offer.
  • Wisconsin Holiday - In the summertime, a Wisconsin holiday is filled with possibilities. There are 15,000 lakes, two Great lakes, and more than 33,000 miles of streams.
  • Womens Boot - Brand loyalty is something that’s as important in choosing a womens boot as it is in choosing either a Chevy or Ford.
  • X Box Wireless Adapter - If you’re a serious gamer and don’t like to be encumbered by a cord, the X BOX wireless adapter is the next item you need for your X BOX.
  • Yellow bracelet - Because of programs like the yellow bracelet, The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), and its partners are working to raise awareness so that people and families living with cancer can live strong, productive lives.
  • - The Best Yu Gi Oh website? has some really good information on the Yu-Gi-Oh game.
  • - If you’re a newcomer to YuGiOh, you will definitely want to check out the game play FAQ on
  • YuGiOh Card - Heart of the Monstruously Popular Game - Another quality of the YuGiOh card which is very appealing is the value. The YuGiOh card alone is quite collectible, just like baseball, football, or any other collector cards.
  • YuGiOh Deck Types, Cards, Strategy, and Traps - If you were thinking about playing YuGiOh, you need to know a little about what comprises the most important part of the game – the YuGiOh deck.
  • YuGiOh Single Card - ...there are also YuGiOh single card assorted rare promo cards available. These are made specifically to be sold with a magazine or video game, and are not available in the normal card packs of YuGiOh.
  • YuGiOh Online Game: Become Champion of Internet Duels - As the YuGiOh online game phenomenon grows, so do the number of sites in which to play.


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