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Costa Rica Villa: Expand Your Horizons At An Affordable Price

Costa Rica villa options range from modest and very affordable to extremely upscale, multi-bedroom accommodations with private maids and gardeners.



Costa Rica Villa

by Amy Finley

Why Stay At Costa Rica Villa?

Many people make a Costa Rica villa their accommodation choice during their Costa Rica travel. A villa offers a sense of privacy and intimacy you may not get elsewhere. Staying at a Costa Rica villa allows you to take on activities and relax at your own pace.

In order to enjoy all the beauty and activities Costa Rica offers, many people stay for a week or more, making a villa a good home away from home during your vacation.

Costa Rica Villa Options

Your options with a Costa Rica villa are many. Villas can be rented to a single person or accommodate large groups. You can get a single room at a resort-like villa, or rent a small villa for yourself. The advantage in the latter option is that you may have your own kitchen and cooking supplies. Many are equipped with their own pools.

Costa Rica villa options range from modest and very affordable options, to extremely upscale, multi-bedroom accommodations with private maids and gardeners. You will usually pay more for an ocean front villa rental than for those with mountains views and those that require a walk to enjoy the beach.


There are four main areas of attraction for Costa Rica visitors: the Pacific coast, the Highlands, the San Jose area, and the Caribbean coast/lowlands. Each area offers attractions unique to the area, ranging from mangrove groves to active volcanoes to national parks to exciting nightlife and great restaurants. You can find a Costa Rica villa near attractions, or tucked away in a quieter location.

Some travelers suggest that the best way to experience all that Costa Rica has to offer is not to just rent a single Costa Rica villa and stay in the same area for your vacation, but to travel around to many different locations. Some travel companies offer this as an option. The benefit to this kind of travel is that you can get up close and personal with everything from the jungle and rainforest wildlife to raging whitewater and the beautiful coast.

The downside of this type of vacation is that you may not have as much plain old-fashioned R&R with the many invigorating experiences Costa Rica has to offer. If you aren’t interested in exploration as much as catching your breath, enjoying the sun, scenery, and swimming of Costa Rica, villa rental in one location may be enough for you.

Or maybe a combination of these options would be best – stay at an out of the way Costa Rica villa for a few days to relax and unwind, then spend a few days in a different location and experience the natural rainforest or mountain playgrounds Costa Rica offers.

Costa Rica Villa Discounts

To get the best deal for your Costa Rica villa and vacation needs, it may be worth it to check out what travel and tour companies offer in the form of packages. You may save more doing this than booking your airfare and villa rental separately. You can also look for coupon discounts on the Internet, and ask about rates in the off-season to save some money.

Some travelers suggest just outright asking for a better price on your Costa Rica villa. Since many are privately owned, you may be able to get a better deal just by exercising your negotiating skills.


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