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Danner Boot: The Best for Hikers, Hunters, Police, and Military

Like every Danner boot it’s not only a fine make, but you can send them back to the Danner experts for repair.




Danner Boot

by Peter Sylvester

Whatever your style you are likely to find a Danner Boot to your taste. Made for hiking, hunting, the police and military work the Danner Boot stands for unsurpassed quality.

Made with over seventy years of real craftsmanship, the very best materials and the basic Danner desire to do things exactly right - you can trust the Danner boot to cater for your every need.

From as little (for a magnificent boot) as $113.99 up to $400 and more Danner boots last and last - but equally important - they are so comfortable.

Danner Boot - its History

The Danner Boot Firm started in 1932 in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin but within four years the firm had moved to Portland, Oregon and sales and prestige were growing. By the late 50’s the Shipyard Boot had become enormously popular.

And in the 60’s and 70’s hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing became national fads. So, Danner began making hiking boots. The Danner Mountain Trail Boot was recognized by Backpacker Magazine as being the "most ideal" hiking boot. It was light, flexible, but longlasting and comfortable to wear.

And this boot was the first Danner Boot as we know it today. And in 1979 using Gore-Tex fabric the company developed a truly waterproof boot. In 1993 the merging of Danner and LaCrosse Footwear led to an even wider acceptance of the Danner Boot as unsurpassed as a work boot.

Danner Boot - the Construction

The Danner firm’s commitment to continuous design innovation has led to Danner boots fitting right, working hard and feeling comfortable from the start.

All boot construction favors one aim to join together the upper, midsole components and outsole.

The Sequoia boot by Danner is designed especially for big-game hunters. The lightweight design allows the hunter to trek long distances. Waterproof full-grain leather and a Cordura upper backed with 400-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation make this boot an indestructible tool to accompany you on any hunt.

On the other hand the Agitator 45 GTX is the lightest, sleekest full-strength hiking option yet. With cement construction and a five-point overstitch this boot keeps you strong and stable on hill sides and loose ground, with an ultra secure fit and cushioning for the long haul.

Like every Danner boot it’s not only a fine make (“I had mine for eighteen years” said one satisfied customer) but you can send them back to the Danner experts for repair.

Together with a host of appropriate accessories Danner boots are here to stay - and that means quality foot covering is in safe hands (or should it be feet?)

The very best - that’s Danner’s aim - and it really achieves it.


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