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Delphi XM Radio: Loads of Channels and Options Cheap!

Delphi XM Radio is a wonderful addition to your audio collection. It’s a simple but sophisticated way to augment your listening by the addition of up to one hundred and twenty extra channels.




Delphi XM Radio

by Peter Sylvester

Delphi XM Radio - What is it?

The Delphi XM Radio is a neat receiver that allows you to plug in - at home or in the car - to120 channels of the best music, news and sport available.

Buy an adaptor kit and a five line display lets you see what’s on other channels before you switch. The large display is easy to read and the channel presets and direct entry allow you the maximum amount of broadcasting freedom.

Delphi XM Radio - setting up

A monthly rental of $9.95 is needed (no contract however). You also need a home or car docking apparatus like the Delphi SA10034 XM Portable CD audio boom box.

The receiver gets the signal and the docking station the DC power and brings to life whatever accessories you have.

But once set up the quality of sound and the ease of use are excellent.

Prices vary so consult your stockist.

Delphi XM Radio

Delphi XM Radio channels consist of 68 commercially free music channels. Here you can listen to an almost limitless variety of musical gems.

There is rock, pop, jazz, country and western, classic and urban. And Delphi XM Radio allows you to see the current record as you flick through the other channels in search of different music.

Audio Visions produces New Age music, XM Music Lab gives you progressive rock/jazz fusion, and Unsigned allows you to listen to as yet subcontracted artists.

But that’s not all - there are channels for great musical film moments (Cinemagic) and even the Starbucks’ Hear!

So whether you’re listening to Perry Como or Pavarotti Delphi XM Radio caters for your taste.

Delphi XM Radio - What Else?

There are thirty three news channels - Delphi XM Radio bringing you CNN, ABC, Fox and other mainstream news programmes.

Sport is there too - with NASCAR and ESPN - plus talk and entertainment.

There really is something for everybody.

Delphi XM Radio - the Best Option

Without doubt even the best broadcasting benefits from greater scope and more sophisticated technology.

That is just what Delphi XM Radio provides you with.

It’s smart sleek and sounds great.

I don’t think even the most traditional listener could find anything to quarrel with!



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