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Discount Hotels Pittsburgh

"This one time I was thinking about discount hotels, Pittsburgh was looming on the horizon, and my car was nearly out of gas anyway."



Discount Hotels Pittsburgh

Brian is the founder of PulseMed, medical professor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and author of Powerful Body, Peaceful Mind: How to Heal Yourself with Foods, Herbs, and Acupressure.

Brian Carter, acupuncturist, herbalist, and author

As a kid, our family often hopped in the car for vacation, drove across Ohio, went through and around the mountains to Pittsburgh. Our cousins, and my mom's sister, lived there- and we were always excited to drive through the numerous long tunnels cut into the mountainsides. We certainly didn't need any discount hotels, Pittsburgh, thank you very much- our lodging was the ultimate cheap stay- with our relatives.

Later in life, working for the mob, I did a lot of travel through the midwest... and that particular family doesn't always provide a company car or anything like that, so I found myself in discount hotels, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, wherever. For some reason, the rule is you have to drive around in a long luxury car like a Monte Carlo or something, and driving like that makes you want to stay in a hotel. You just want to get off the road. But you want a bargain. You want luxury for cheap.

Traveling cheap and getting hotel discounts is really an art form, a master craft.

If you travel enough, you know where to find the deals- you develop an instinct for it. And you get to know where the discount hotels are, and how to get regular hotels to give you discounts. And I don't mean by impelling them with some kind of metal object. For example, this one time I was thinking about discount hotels, Pittsburgh was looming on the horizon, and the long car was nearly out of gas.

Pittsburgh has a great airport, too, one of the best in the country according to Conde Naste traveler, and I'm sure they have some great hotels around there.

But I didn't get to enjoy that- nope, you got to make sacrifices for your employer sometimes- so you drive luxury and look for cheap hotel deals. But you still want a nice place to stay. If you can get a big bath with bubbles and all that, that vacation from discomfort makes it all ok. So I decided to hit up one of the four star hotels- see if I couldn't turn them into a Pittsburgh discount hotel without them meaning to.

As far as discount hotels, Pittsburgh is pretty good- but I wanted more. I wanted a really nice place with all the trappings, but I needed a Motel 6 rate. Impossible, you say? Well, to work for my family, you gotta know more than how to point a piece at someone. You gotta have smarts. So I can't reveal my secrets to you, I couldn't if I wanted, because they wiped my memory, but I know it's possible. That's the only way the economics works out. I have records- and the only way I stayed in Pittsburgh, discount hotels had to have been involved. I just know it.

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