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Download Free Music: Get Legal Gratis Music Quick!


Yes, to download free music is tempting, but record companies and the RIAA are moving aggressively to prosecute even small-fry downloaders.


Download Free Music

by Rick Hill, Ph.D.

Download free music? There’s a better way to not pay for your tunes!

Yes, to download free music is tempting, but record companies and the RIAA are moving aggressively to prosecute even small-fry downloaders. The spammers and virus creeps and worm ghouls are out there, too, looking to entice suckers to downloading free music---and their insidious projects.

The Solution? “Download” free music from your library

Why download “free” music from the internet, when, with a library card and a computer, you can get and keep all the “download” free music you want--not to sell or even make CD copies, but to enjoy from your personal computer.

So how do you “Download” free music the old-fashioned (and legal) way?

Almost every library these days checks out CDs as well as books, and some libraries seem to be spending the lion’s share of their acquisition money on their CD collections. The rules for CDs are similar to books, too: you can check out as many as ten for two or more weeks. Libraries usually have a good selection of all types of music, from Rock to Opera, from Blues to Showtunes ---and they add more every day, including plenty of brand new releases. They also usually have nice selections of box sets, those pricey items we like to hear but hesitate to pay for.

In big cities with several library branches, you’ll have access to thousands and thousands of CDs. Ready to try a safe way to increase your personal music collection? Here are the easy steps:

“Download” free music step 1: Get a free library card from your local library. Usually you can apply for the card, receive it, and check out items the same day. Check out as many CDs as you can. In addition to the CDs you know you want, try some items you wouldn’t ordinarily buy, but know you might like.

“Download” free music step 2: Put your CDs (one at a time) into your CD drive. If you have Windows Media Player, you should get a window that says “Copy using Windows Media Player?” Click Yes.

“Download” free music step 3: Now you’ll get a screen that lists track numbers. If you’re connected to the internet, you can click on the button at the top right that says, “Find album info.” Push that button and an amazing thing happens: the computer comes up with a photo of the CD cover and a track list. In a short time, the CD will be recorded to your “My Music” directory. The computer even gives a title and icon for the CD automatically.

“Download” free music step 4: Enjoy your free music, and repeat steps 1-4 whenever you’re ready for some new tunes.

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Download Free Music