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Rick Hill, Ph.D. writes articles, fiction, and poetry and teaches writing at the college level. His new book of poems, No Hands, can be ordered here.











Richard Hill, Ph.D., Professor, Author, Poet

  • Acne get rid - Here are some of the health remedies I tried for acne: get rid of all chocolate and nuts in the diet, eliminate oil, periodic fasting on water only... none of it worked.
  • Boise Idaho hotels - Boise Idaho Hotels encompass everything from modest bed and breakfasts to convention centers, from budget motels to upscale suites.
  • Buying car guide - Before you Buy... read Rick's 7 School of Hard Knocks Buying Car Guide Tips
  • Complaint letter sample - The complaint letter sample and instructions below can help solve many disputes without having to hire a lawyer.
  • Dell docking station - The Dell docking station lets you set up a desktop situation, with a full size keyboard and more.
  • Download free music - To download free music is tempting, but record companies and the RIAA are moving aggressively to prosecute even small-fry downloaders.
  • England car rental 101 - England car rental rates are slightly higher than the US, but not as high as Europe.
  • Holy Bible King James version - Four-hundred years later, the Holy Bible King James version is still the most-read rendition of the scriptures in English.
  • Homes for sale in Indianapolis - Best of all, homes for sale in Indianapolis are eye-popping bargains compared to most urban areas.
  • Indianapolis homes for sale - Indianapolis Homes for Sale: room to breathe and square footage galore.
  • Jesus is my homeboy - Be Hip. Go ahead, take a pop-culture bath in your spare time. Sport a Jesus is my Homeboy hooded sweat, with Jesus is my rock and I’m on his roll tee-shirt underneath.
  • Spokane Washington hotel - You’ll discover plenty of new, upscale rooms at a Spokane Washington Hotel in the heart of the city.
  • Vancouver discount hotels - Even if you’re driving in, you might want to find your best deal on Vancouver discount hotel close to the water, where the shopping, restaurants, and tourist sites abound.
  • Vegetarian chili recipe - Here's a hearty, easy-to-prepare, stick-to-the-ribs vegetarian chili recipe for meat eaters looking to cut down on cholesterol and calories.
  • Vegetarian weight loss - I know--you're thinking, So what do I eat for vegetarian weight loss... grass?
  • Writing business proposal - This page will provide some formal writing business proposal basics, and it won’t cost you anything.
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Vegetarian Chili Recipe