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Download Kung Fu Movies: David Carradine vs Bruce Lee

Fans who still download kung fu movies starring Bruce Lee still are steamed that Carradine got the role in Kung Fu that supposedly was written for Lee.





Download Kung Fu Movies

by Bob Ellal

Download Kung Fu Movies - Look for David Carradine

If you download kung fu movies start with Kill Bill 2 because of the performance of David Carradine. This guy can act. His character Bill is certainly an evil villain yet the way Carradine portrays him it’s impossible to hate him. Since it’s a kung fu movie, naturally the plot is fantastic and over the top; yet within the operatic subplots and ridiculous kung fu fights are moments of true poignancy and terrific acting.

How can you hate Bill when he’s interacting with his daughter as the Bride returns? How can you hate Bill after the Bride gives him the death touch, he stands up, knowing he’s to die within seconds, and asks, “How do I look?” If only the majority of times you download kung fu movies you could come up with a picture with such fine acting.

But that’s Carradine, and the martial arts world first became aware of him with the launch of the series Kung Fu in the early 1970’s. It was clear from the work that he did in the three years that the series ran that he was an exceptional actor; the knock on him was: “But can he fight?” Fans who still download kung fu movies starring Bruce Lee such as The Chinese Connection and Enter the Dragon still are steamed that Carradine got the role in Kung Fu that supposedly was written for Lee.

Bruce Lee fans in the 70’s, hard-core martial artists at the time, complained that Carradine’s fight scenes were all staged, that he was no martial artist. At the time, it was true. It’s not true today. Carradine has devoted much of his life to the martial arts as well as to acting. You can see this when you download kung fu movies—his martial arts instructional videos—and read his martial arts columns. He really knows what he’s talking about.

Still Bruce Lee fans say that David Carradine is nowhere near the fighter that Bruce Lee was. This is true—but you can say that about many top martial artists of Lee’s time or of today. Lee was a phenomenon; one in a billion. But you can also say this: Bruce Lee was nowhere near the actor that David Carradine is. Not even close. Just download kung fu movies, watch them with an open mind and you’ll come to the same conclusion.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not slamming Bruce Lee. When I was in college in the late 1970’s practicing Tae Kwon Do during the week and Kyokushinkai Karate on the weekends posters of Bruce Lee smothered the walls of my dorm room. I didn’t have one picture of David Carradine, one shot of Quai Chang Caine from the series Kung Fu hanging. But I was nineteen then, running on a combination of adrenalin and testoterone. Download kung fu movies? What was a VCR? What was a DVD? A CD? A PC? But I’m older now and more in balance. I can appreciate fine acting as well as fine kung fu.

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