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Articles by Author & Freelancer Bob Ellal

Bob Ellal is a freelance writer living in Norwich, Connecticut. He currently practices aspects of various internal kung fu systems, which helped him defeat four bouts of cancer in the early 90’s. He’s written a book about his experiences using chi kung, ancient Chinese mind/body exercises, to help beat the disease. He’s been clear of cancer for eight years. He was an avid hard-style martial artist in his youth, when he still had cartilage between his joints!


Robert Ellal Articles

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  • Baltimore Maryland Real Estate - If you’re thinking about purchasing some Baltimore Maryland real estate, you’re making a good decision.
  • Benefit of Green Tea - I’ve been clear of cancer for eight years. I also am an avid believer in the benefit of green tea—I drink it throughout the day.
  • Connecticut Limousine Services - There are plenty of places to go in Connecticut. Limousine services are plentiful and can help you get to your destination easily and in comfort.
  • Day Spa Dallas - You can recreate the “Taking the Kur” experience in a day or a few days at a day spa Dallas.
  • Day Spa Washington DC - Imagine going to a day spa Washington DC and having someone pamper you by giving you a complete body massage.
  • Download Kung Fu Movies - Fans who still download kung fu movies starring Bruce Lee still are steamed that Carradine got the role in Kung Fu that supposedly was written for Lee.
  • Fitness Equipment and Gym Equipment - You absolutely do not have to spend a lot of money on fitness equipment and gym equipment to strength train.
  • Fort Lauderdale Real Estate - The best housing values in Fort Lauderdale real estate may be in new developments in the western suburbs.
  • Honolulu Hawaii Real Estate - Honolulu Hawaii real estate prices are on the rise. But why not? It just means that people are willing to pay more to live in paradise.
  • Kung Fu San Soo - In the words of the late great Grand Master Jimmy Woo, San Soo can give you the absolute confidence to “freeze a man’s heart.”
  • Kung Fu Uniforms - Like the karate gi in a dojo, kung fu uniforms today are worn because they are loose fitting and practical.
  • Kung Fu Weapons Training from a Master - Besides gaining balance, coordination, and strength from kung fu weapons training, you also learn to move energy, or chi, away from your body, into your hands, and beyond.
  • Karate Gi - Times have changed. Nowadays a karate gi can come in any color of the rainbow.
  • Karate Supplies - In today’s world, you can’t afford to be injured—you need safety gear. It’s one of the first things you look for in karate supplies.
  • Karate Equipment - One way to get more out of your makiwara karate equipment training is to learn to relax even between the impacts of strikes.
  • Learn to Break Dance - Learn to break dance, get on the floor and windmill your way to a better understanding of Iggy Pop’s Now I Wanna Be a Dog.
  • Lumber Liquidators: Beautiful Hardwood Floors at 60% Savings - Lumber Liquidators also offers a 50-year warranty on their products, among the best in the industry.
  • Native American Painting - The odd thing is, if you look on the Internet, you can find this form of Native American painting, sand painting, available in kits for purchase—by the numbers!
  • New Balance 574 - Other manufacturers may spend many more millions on advertising than the company does on the New Balance 574, but they may also be guilty of what is known in kung fu parlance as “flower fist and brocade kick.”
  • Verizon - Verizon offers over thirty phones, from a Nokia priced at $9.99 to a state-of –the-art Samsung that goes for $549.99.
  • Wholesale Costume Jewelry - Admit it—you won’t be satisfied until every man, woman and child is wearing at least one piece of wholesale costume jewelry every day and night of their lives. After all, it must be possible to sleep with a toe ring on.
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