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Dr Martens Boot - Classy and Cool Footwear

Dr Martens boot became notorious because of the steel-toe capped variety used to inflict great harm on soccer fans and rival gangs in England


Dr. Martens Boot

by Joel Jacobson

Not much needs to be said when the name Dr Martens boot is mentioned. Class and character are the standard for these boots. The famous trademarks like yellow stitching and the two-toned sole edge identify Dr. Martens boot unmistakably. Incredibly comfortable, fantastic fit, and cutting edge designs.

Way back in 1945 is when Dr Martens boot got their beginning. In a little German town called Seeshaupt, which is near Munich. A German medical doctor named Klaus Maertens had injured his foot in the Bavarian Alps while skiing.

While he was recuperating, Dr. Martens came upon the idea of developing a shoe with an air cushioned sole to provide extra comfort and support. He teamed up with an engineering friend and they developed the idea further until they came up with the first heat sealed air cushioned sole. In 1958, the Grigg family acquired the rights to the air cushioned sole and started making the boots at their factory in Wollaston, England. They changed the name slightly, and the Dr Martens boot, the 1460, was born.

Dr Martens boot became notorious because of the steel-toe capped variety used to inflict great harm on soccer fans and rival gangs in England. Nowadays they are a must have in the music industry from rockers to boy bands.

There are 70,000 possible varieties of Dr Martens boot starting at a 3-eye and rising to a 20-eye boot. Now that’s variety!

Quality goes into every Dr Martens boot. The finest quality leather is pre-inspected for scars before construction. There’s the trademark Dr. Martens yellow stitching and hell loop. All have the grooved sole pattern. The world famous air cushioned sole that is welded together using a special heat sealing process. All boots are made for easy unisex sizing.

Starting at around $110 for a 6-eye boot, Dr Martens boot come in a variety of earth tone colors. That’s a terrific price for a terrific boot. They are made with very high quality and are always in style.

Caring for your Dr Martens boot is important if you want them to last. Here are some tips:

· Neutral / Clear Polish works well on multi colored boots and is good on non-suede leathers
· Mink Oil is good for waterproofing and protecting most kinds of leather except suede. Leather will darken at first temporarily, but will lighten back up.
· Hubbadrs shoe oil/grease is used for waterproofing non-suede leathers. Is harder to apply but lasts longer and is very effective water proofer.
· Snow seal is excellent for snow pack boots. Doesn’t allow leather to breathe.
· Waterproofing sprays is the best choice for suede leather. Make sure you read the label and that is says “color safe”. Silicone will darken leather permanently.

Classy and cool. Stylin’ and profilin’. Rockin’ and rollin. These are all words that describe the classic Dr Martens boot. On your next boot purchase you may seriously want consider getting a pair.

Joel Jacobson is a freelance writer, web designer, and product design engineer. He's an avid fisherman who loves to northern and musky fish. He and his wife recently adopted two infant girls from Russia, and that keeps them quite busy.

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