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Dual Layer DVD Media: Is It Worth the Price?

Dual layer DVD media offers high quality holding tanks for enormous amounts of data.



Dual Layer DVD Media

by Amy Finley

Dual Layer DVD Media: Helpful or Full of Hype?

Technology is changing faster than ever before, and there are definitely pros and cons to consider with each new advance or rise in technology that becomes available to consumers. The release of dual layer DVD media is no exception.

What Dual Layer DVD Media Is

Before determining whether or not dual layer DVD media is helpful or just full of hype for the individual consumer, it’s helpful to clarify just exactly what dual layer DVD technology does, exactly. Many websites offer complete details on the specs of all the technology involved, but here’s a brief non-tech explanation.

Dual layer DVD media is different than single layer DVD media because it records data in two layers – when the first layer is full, it begins recording on a second layer. This allows twice as much data to be recorded (4.7 Byte vs. 8.5 Byte). The reading and writing process is different than with single layer DVD media, so you get better quality with the dual layer DVD media as well.

What’s Beneficial

Dual layer DVD media offers high quality holding tanks for enormous amounts of data. According to Robert DeMoulin in an article for, dual layer DVD media can hold the equivalent of any of the following: 12 CD’s or 5092 floppy disks, 2000 mp3’s, 17,000 JPEG picture files, or up to four hours of MPEG-2 video. That packs a lot of punch for one disc!

For entertainment, home movies, data storage, disc sharing, and more, the dual layer DVD media seems to offer a lot of benefits. For both the individual consumer and businesses and corporations, dual layer DVD technology has the potential for faster, easier, and better quality DVD applications. You can get internal, external, and stand alone dual layer DVD drives at reasonable prices, and most models today are multi-format compatible.

Downsides of the Dual Layer DVD Technology

While overall dual layer DVD media appears to be extremely helpful, there are a couple of things to consider. One is the priciness of the blank media itself. Although some feel that the benefits of increased quality and data storage make dual layer DVD media worth the price, others feel that the price for individual discs is too high.

Another aspect to consider is the pending technologies of Blu-Ray and HD DVD’s – some analysts are concerned that the introduction of dual layer DVD media is a kind of sandwich market before something better is introduced.

If that’s the case, the good news would be that dual layer DVD media prices are probably likely to decrease. Basically, just like many other advances, the dual layer DVD media and technology provides legitimate benefits to businesses and consumers, but technology never stagnates, inevitably bringing more options to the consumer market in the future.

Compare to Get the Best Prices on Dual Layer DVD Media

For many consumers, the benefits of dual layer DVD technology and affordability of multi-format dual layer DVD drives outweighs the high price tag of the blank dual layer DVD media itself.

If dual layer DVD media sounds beneficial to you, check online at several retailers or online price comparison charts to get the best prices.

Go here for a more in depth explanation of the technology behind dual layer DVD media

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