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Find Peoples E-Mail Address: The Best Places to Look

You may need to search at several sites before you find peoples e-mail address you need.



Find Peoples E-Mail Address

by Amy Finley

Why Find Peoples e-mail Address?

There are many reasons to find peoples e-mail address. There are dozens of personal and professional interactions than can be accomplished more easily via e-mail than by phone. Many times it’s cheaper, easier, and more efficient to use e-mail than to use the phone.

The only catch is that sometimes we don’t remember or don’t have the email address we need. Or else we send somebody an e-mail only to have it returned because they’ve got a new address! How to find peoples e-mail address? Here’s a couple of ways to locate e-mail addresses.

Use Ye Ol' Alexander Graham Bell

One way to find peoples e-mail address is just to just give’em a call and ask. The upside to this is that if you call and ask, you’ll have the person’s email address in the future. The problems with this approach are that you might not have the person’s phone number or have time to call. So, here are some other ways to find someone’s e-mail address.

Site Searches to Find Peoples e-mail Address

If you’re trying to find peoples e-mail address, and you know one of their personal, leisure, or professional affiliations, you can try looking up their site on the web. Many companies offer links to employee’s e-mail addresses, and on personal sites the e-mail contact is often listed. If your friend works for XYZ company, for example, or you know they play guitar in XYZ band, see if there’s a website, and browse or do a site search to find the email address.

Online e-mail Directories

One of the best ways by far when trying to find peoples e-mail address is to look it up on online e-mail directories, also known as people finders, e-mail search engines, e-mail address look up databases, and e-mail finder directories. You may need to search at several sites before you find peoples e-mail address you need --there are dozens of these type of e-mail address locators available online, but each may be slightly different. At some sites, a person’s e-mail address only shows up if that person is registered with the site, so don’t get discouraged if the first few you try don’t yield anything, keep searching.

When you try to find peoples e-mail address using an e-mail directory or people finder, there are both e-mail address searches that allow you to find people for free and those that charge a fee (often per look up). There are dozens of free e-mail search sites, so you may want to try those first, but the charging sites may have access to more information.

At the minimum, you should know the first and last name when you try to find peoples e-mail address. Some e-mail directories allow you to search using only this criterion, while others want you to put in the city, state, country, and/or additional information. Some sites have very accurate and updated e-mail address databases, but require you to put in the person’s old e-mail address before they’ll give out the current e-mail address.

Although some e-mail directories require you to register when finding e-mail addresses, this is often free, and the upside is you can post your information for others to find as well. If you’re trying to find peoples e-mail address, maybe they’re trying to find yours, too!

Whether you’re trying to find lost friends, family, or professional contacts, there are many resources available on the web to help you find peoples e-mail address. Good luck in locating the e-mail address you need!

In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Amy Finley is a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University. She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children. More Amy Finley Articles


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