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Florist Wholesale: Innovations for Better Business

In addition to the quality of service you want from your florist wholesale company, the product selection should be broad enough to meet your needs.


Florist Wholesale
by Amy Finley


Florist Wholesale = Simple, Savvy Selling

The florist wholesale market has rapidly increased in recent years, reflecting the continually growing floral industry. Good wholesale floral suppliers offer the perfect solution for retail floral businesses. Value prices found in buying wholesale flowers and floral supplies and good customer service and support enable retailers to forge ahead in an important market to need people’s needs with simple, savvy selling solutions.

How do you find a good florist wholesale company for your floral business? Well, there’s always the trial and error method…but there are also better ways.

Great Florist Wholesale Deals? Don’t Just Take Their Word For It…

To get a great florist wholesale deal, you obviously need a reputable wholesale floral supplier. You’ll find lots of ads that sound great, but how do you really know? Here lies the beauty of the Internet and freedom of expression. In addition to the quality and ease of navigation of a company’s website, do a little digging and check out different articles, forums, and reviews, to get a feel for what the particular wholesale floral company is really like.

Deals and Delivery

Most florist wholesale companies sell only to retail florists, enabling retailers to get great deals on purchases. You may also be able to find discounts when ordering especially large quantities. Once you find a wholesale floral company you can trust, check their specials section frequently to get great buys.

You may also want to consider getting your floral supplies, silk and dried flowers, and novelties from a different company than the wholesale company supplying your fresh flowers and greenery. Compare prices at both florist wholesale companies specializing strictly in floral supplies, novelty, and craft items with the prices on your supplies at the florist ‘superstore’ wholesalers to see where you can find a better deal for what you need.

Delivery is a big issue in the floral business. Extended waiting for delivery does not go well with being in a business as a florist. Wholesale floral suppliers usually have prompt and efficient delivery protocols, many even offering farm direct delivery options. Look for a wholesale florist that offers a guarantee on their fresh flowers – many offer to credit your account or replace the products if there is a problem with delivery.

Florist Wholesale Selection and Service

The growth of the floral industry has caused many wholesale floral companies to integrate top-notch customer service and support, better discounts, and greater flexibility in minimum quantity and minimum purchase requirements for every florist. Wholesale and retail relationships that thrive equal more business for both parties.

In addition to the quality of service you want from your florist wholesale company, the product selection should be broad enough to meet your needs. Evaluating a floral wholesaler’s selection is important, even if you are just starting out. As business grows, your florist wholesale company should be able to meet your needs. Many wholesale florists also offer free catalogues and free product updates via email as well.

Good luck with finding a good florist wholesale company – buy happy, and sell well!


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