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Freelance Writing Jobs
for the New Millenium
by Brian Benjamin Carter, MS, LAc

Brian Carter created in 1999 to promote his alternative medicine services and expertise. PulseMed has climbed into the top 1% most popular websites, and Brian is now a full time web developer, marketer, and writer.

Online Freelance Writing Jobs:
Online Publisher Seeks Prolific Freelance Writers

PulseMedia founder, Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc, today announced the company's next phase growth plan, to continue to partner with prolific freelancers as content providers in long-term profit-sharing web expansion efforts, but to do so on many niche websites.

Brian Carter, acupuncturist, herbalist, and author
Brian B. Carter,

"Online freelance writing jobs are the future of freelancing," said Carter. PulseMedia has teamed with more than 40 different freelancer writers since December of 2004. "We added several thousand pages to pulsemed this year," said Carter, "but to remain competitive, the expanding number of sites out there, and deepening valuable content on niche topics demands that we create more niche websites. Plus, we're thinking globally- we have a writer in the UK, one in New Zealand, and another in Denmark... we're open to writers from anywhere, and topics about any place. "

(Most of this page is for freelancers, regardless of language-
click here for more specifics about translation and global writing

Executive Summary of this Page, for Impatient or Skimming Readers

  • Job: Write keyphrase articles for PulseMedia
    • You and I will pick a niche topic you are interested in that I will verify is in demand, profitable, and not excessively competitive. We'll start a website on that topic, and I'll give you the keyphrases to work from, one per article.
    • Plan to write 100 or more 500 word articles in 3 months in order to assure great income- not every page makes it, and only rare ones make big bucks
    • Be able to or learn to objectively and informatively about any topic- a cross between long-form advertising and newspaper reporting
    • Guidelines are specific to ensure high search rankings once new website matures
  • Pay: Profit-share 50-50 on AdSense revenue
    • Residual income means your efforts this month add to monthly income you got previous month- that means that after some upfront work writing a few dozen pages, with a little continued addition, your income continues to increase monthly
    • The profit potential depends on your topic, effort, and time- every website takes time to gain reputation, links, and traffic- but you could realistically expect a residual yearly income in the thousands of dollars from this. (It could be a lot more, but I'm low-balling it because we can't know for sure for any one site ahead of time).


WHEN: Now. is accepting inquiries. See form below.


Freelance work means more than just writing - there are countless annoying business details, including query writing (and sometimes trying to get magazines to pay up!) that distract writers from what they do best. Writers should be free to write in peace.

Plus, most freelance and translation jobs pay one lump sum, whereas PulseMed's profit sharing plan is based on web page traffic, which continues indefinitely, providing passive income on your already written, ever-present articles. Carter says "There are no up-front costs, no risk to you- I just think it's a crime to only pay a writer 5 bucks for a keyphrase article that could earn between $100 and $5,000 in a year. Plus, I'm looking for relationships with prolific writers, and I think the profit sharing model encourages more enthusiasm!"

"I've had pages earn as much as $3000 per month by themselves," said Carter. "One took me about 15 minutes to write, and it has made me perhaps $10,000. Of course, that's the exception, but the average article makes about $100 per year if it gets good ranking and traffic."

This is what started it all- Brian wrote 3 keyphrase articles a day for a month, and look what happened to PulseMed's Google AdSense revenue:

A graph of how keyphrase pages boosted my income
(click picture for bigger view)

"I was stunned when I saw," says Carter, "that many websites are paying freelancers just $5 for keyword articles. That's just a one-time payment... I figured, either these guys are either kinda dishonest, or they must not know how to find valuable keywords, so they're wasting writers' time and talents. Other writers submit article after article for free to article sites, and maybe they get a link back to their site, but no money. "

Get your writing in front of thousands of readers: As more and more of those who can migrate to the internet, using more and more of its services in their daily lives, and as trust grows, the internet traffic levels will soar. Online articles and magazines already receive traffic on par with the circulation levels of many print magazines. Matt Drudge's blog got as many views (1 million) on Election Night 2004 as 2 major newspaper's websites did.

Not only that, you can find out exactly how many people read each of your articles- when you write for magazines, you only know how many people received the entire magazine. How many threw it away? How many let it sit collecting dust? How many only read one article, and it wasn't yours? No way to know. Not so with the web- everything can be tracked. This isn't just for vanity, but to see what people like, what else they read, and what you should write more about. You can even start an email newsletter to reach out to your fans - really!

Why is PulseMedia doing this?

"Because we're so excited about participating in the web transformation Google is catalyzing," says Carter. "By incentivizing content providers, they're ensuring an increase in the quality of website content. And it doesn't hurt that it's so profitable."

HOW: If we find we can work together, I'll feed you the profitable keywords that will be most likely to bring in traffic, and we'll place the articles on your new site- you can even do an ezine to your visitors if you like, and that brings back traffic for more revenue.

We will handle all the technical, graphic, and HTML details, building you an attractive section of the site of which you approve. You write the copy - once you've got the concept down, it's easy. We promote your web site to the search engines. The more you write, the more traffic you get, the more money we make together. We will handle the advertisers and pay you via on a monthly basis. You operate as an independent contractor. We send you the contract to review after you inquire below.


What kinds of topics are you looking for?

What interests you most is best, because that will motivate you to write more. I do my best to get you keyphrases you can handle, but the work is this: write something that fills the reader's need (and doesn't offend the advertisers) on a topic that is associated with a product or service worth advertising- we've done things like the cancer bracelets, discount hotels, dell computers, etc. You can inject your personality and thoughts, but you have to satisfy the reader. Most of our writers have found over time that they'd rather write about whatever is likely to be profitable- and that's actually a stretching, strengthening exercise for your writing skills. If you think of yourself as a writer, you should be able to learn to write well about anything.

Note, however: I've found that, often, writers' pet topics don't have profitable phrases associated. For example, some people want to write about spirituality, but there's not much money in it. Remember, there must be something worth advertising, some product or service associated with the topic for us to be able to use it- if you like, spend some time brainstorming about that- services, occupations, jobs, products, brands, etc. that I could search on, and give me the words.

As the guy from pressthink said the other day on the radio, journalists are perfectly suited to blogging- but blogging is overrated because it's just more noise, doesn't necessarily yield income, and, in my opinion, is often self-indulgent.  What we do, in searching for vulnerable keyphrases that could make money, is find underserved niches- we look for searches that need better info- and we "know our audience" and serve them.  So- in serving them, we end up writing about things that they care about- not as much the things we care about.  I say that, because almost every work-at-home freelancer wants to write about kids, parenting, home, and writing.  Thus, those topics are glutted and basically impenetrable.  Instead, we write about things such as hotels, shoes, clothes, cars, etc.- things that have a service or product attached- because we make money from the ads.  Still interested?

Can I see some examples of the kinds of websites you're creating?

Sure, here are a couple:

How much do you want me to write?

The more you write, the more money you can make.

Your efforts will snowball, because the more you write, the more traffic we get, and automatically more people will link to us, which means better rankings, more traffic, and more money.

We're looking for writers who want to put up 50-100 pages or more. The timeline is flexible, but the sooner you get them up, the sooner you can make substantial money, and residually! That means even if you only make $50 one month, whatever you write next increases your monthly income - as opposed to one time payment deals where you have to keep working working working.

How do we know how many hits our articles are getting?

I update everybody's stats as often as possible- every week or two. You can see the most popular pages, etc. You can see what everyone's earning, but not who is earning what - we give each writer a random code that goes next to their earnings so only you know how much you're making. But you can see how your efforts are comparing to others'.

How do we get paid?

I'll write you a monthly check for 50% of the Google Ad revenue from your page- Google pays monthly. I realize trust is involved in this part of it, because there are indeed lots of scammers out there. But I've structured this so that there's minimal risk to both parties... no exchange of money up front, etc. Plus, I'm a Christian (see my other site) - my beliefs about right and wrong, virtue, and character are a lot more important to me than money is. I'll pay you! :-) After I get your form and we email a bit, we can talk on the phone if you like.

But can we admire you and your hairstyle?

Of course! How silly of you to ask. Check out how I look with a beehive and a mullet. This, more than anything, should convince you how wonderful this opportunity is. (And it'll keep the stiffs away!)

Interested? Fill out this Form

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Your name:

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City and Country of Residence
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How prolific are you? How many words can you easily write per day?

Which topics are easiest for you? NOTE: almost every work-at-home freelancer wants to write about kids, parenting, home, and writing.  Thus, those topics are glutted and basically impenetrable.  Instead, we write about things that have a service or product attached- because we make money from the ads. (More specific words are better here - also include cities and countries you have lived in and with which you have experience.)

Summarize your writing experience- a list of publications, books, etc. is sufficient. Please include a link to one or two articles online if possible. Also, can you, or are you willing to write about any topic given?

What do you think of this opportunity? What would you do with it? What excites you about it?



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