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A Happy Heart And A Sound Mind

Do you want a happy heart and a sound mind? Here are 7 life-suggestions compiled from famous Chinese Medical doctors:

  1. Avoid over-working and over-thinking.
  2. Tranquil pleasures are essential!  Take a bath, read for leisure, do some gardening.  Relax!
  3. See all your attainments as successes. Mentally review your recent successes.
  4. Have small, clear-cut goals and realistic dreams.
  5. Don't speak too much; brevity is the soul of wit and, more importantly, preserves your energy!
  6. Nourish your heart by helping others.
  7. Nurture, build, and maintain your relationships - someday soon you will need that support system! In the meantime, you are helping others, and staying connected.
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