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Holidays to Tenerife: Beaches and Pyramids on the Island of Eternal Spring

Whether you want to study a different culture - or bask in perfect weather on a sun-warmed beach - you cannot do better than book one of the Holidays to Tenerife.




Holidays to Tenerife

by Peter Sylvester

Everyone knows that holidays to Tenerife are climatically blessed. Tenerife is known as the “Island of Eternal Spring” because of its gentle climate.

The temperature never falls below 15 degrees and rarely rises above 30 degrees.

This means that Tenerife has an ideal climate to banish the blues if, at the moment, you open your door to a howling snowstorm and know that to get to the road you’ll have to dig through four feet of the accumulated stuff.

Holidays to Tenerife are a wonderful relief!

The south of the island is warmer than the north - but on the other hand the north is greener. In holidays to Tenerife you can enjoy both scenic joys - and leisurely, sunny relaxation is yours.

But there is so much more to savour in holidays to Tenerife.

Holidays in Tenerife - the black pyramids

Your holiday to Tenerife would miss a great site if, for example, you did not visit the black pyramids of Guimar.

The special favourite of Thor Heyerdahl - the famous Norwegian anthropologist - the pyramids have been discovered to be aligned to the winter and summer solstices and their purchase by the Fred Olsen shipping company has led to the establishment of an Ethnographic Park.

An essential part of holidays to Tenerife.

The Ethnographic Park

There are a number of fascinating sites in the Park. The eight metre long cave (680- 1020 AD) shows a culture containing bodkins, goat bones, and necklace beads - then the Early Navigation Tent includes replicas of various totora-papyrus boats while another area displays at the moment the largest photographic exhibition of Easter Island objects in the world.

And holidays to Tenerife must include a look at the gardens - native species and worldwide alike.

All this is served by an excellent audio guide - where seven languages feed entertaining and informative data to the visitor.

Holidays to Tenerife - the Beaches

For all its wonderful and magic background - one has to admit that whether you love the ‘land in the clouds’ or the ‘land over the clouds’ you will eventually find your way back to the ‘land below the clouds’.

Here holidays in Tenerife come into their own with the Jardin Beach boasting a regenerated coastline of just under one kilometre with 200,000 cubic metres of fresh sea sand and some seventeen thousand square metres of landscape protected by a half submerged breakwater.

Together with Teresitas Beach’s golden sand and Roque Beach’s fish restaurants there is nothing to spoil the idyll of a traditional visit to Holidays to Tenerife.



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