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Homes for Sale in Indianapolis: Great Bargains on Huge Houses


Best of all, homes for sale in Indianapolis are eye popping bargains compared to most urban areas.













Homes for Sale in Indianapolis

by Richard Hill, Ph.D.

I lived just north of Indianapolis for seven years, and I saw it close up and personal as the Heart of the heartland, the dream city getaway from the usual urban rat race. My kids are grown now, but if I had still had school-agers, I’d be right back looking for homes for sale in Indianapolis.

Oh, yeah? Give me one good reason you’d be looking for homes for sale in Indianapolis!

I’ll give you more than one. Besides still having the wholesome, kid friendly atmosphere that has all but disappeared in most of the country (and even in most of the Heartland) Indianapolis is inexpensive and friendly, with all the amenities of the big city without the dog-eat-dog culture. And Indy (as the locals call it) has more: four seasons, relatively mild weather, a relaxed life pace, friendly folks, recreation, business opportunities, major league football (The Colts) and basketball (The Pacers), and a LOW cost of living. Gas, food, and other staples are cheaper in Indiana than almost any city in the U.S.

Best of all, homes for sale in Indianapolis are eye-popping bargains compared to most urban areas. How about a new, 2500 square foot home in the high one-hundred thousands? How about an older place in the country (but within commuting distance of town) on a HUGE lot (we’re talking an acre, or even five acres) for even less than that? single-residence lots have so much property than EVERYONE has a riding lawnmower. After basketball, riding lawnmowing seems to be the local sport!

Homes for Sale in Indianapolis: how to find one

My neighbor across the street in San Diego was offered a job in Indy, and he’s making the move. With a little web footwork, he found dozens of homes for sale in Indianapolis. If, like him, you’re thinking of moving to the I-Town, how can you find the homes for sale?

In Indianapolis, you can choose from state-of-the arts abodes in upscale Carmel to stately turn-of-the-century bargains closer to the center of town. Check out the websites for realtors---they’ll be glad to hear from you. Indy is expanding fast, and there are plenty of new homes going up, which is good for older-home pricing. With a little web surfing through the homes for sale in Indianapolis, you’ll see it’s a buyer’s market nowadays---some builders and sellers are even giving rebates ala the new car deals!

Your new life in the Real America is waiting for you in Indianapolis.

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