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Biomedical Causes of Impotence


  Percentage of Patients
Diabetes Mellitus   41.5%
An endocrine disorder of increased blood sugar, often with a family history. Can occur in adulthood. Very treatable. Often recognized by sugar cravings, significant weight gain, and frequent but normal urination.
Vascular Insufficiency   16.8%
Often accompanies or is a symptom of cardiac disease, hypertension, or congestive heart disease. Or a local condition.
Peyronie's Disease   15.5%
Hypogonadism   12.9%
Usually a congenital condition recognized by adolescence, treatable.
Postsurgical Impotence   10.3%
Inflammation, trauma, or medication can be temporary reasons; nerve or structural damage is more permanent. Depending upon cause it may or may not be treatable.
Neurologic Disease   9.0%
Trauma   7.7%
Medications   3.8%
Alcohol Abuse   1.2%

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