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Traditional Chinese Herbs


New Supplement Stuff:

  • Airborne Cold Remedy - The Airborne cold remedy sounds yummy enough to make having a cold worthwhile: a healthy combo of herbs, antioxidants and amino acids that fizzes when you drop it in water.
  • Homeopathic Treatment - Homeopathic treatment has been a viable way of looking after yourself for more than two hundred years.







Traditional Chinese Herbs

The Power of natural plant medicines combined with the alternative insight of Chinese Herbal Medicine. This is the place for natural chinese medicinal herbal information. Our herbal information is arranged by remedy and by topic.

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine:

  1. Traditional Chinese Herbs
  2. Taking Herbs Safely and Intelligently
  3. Healing Without Side Effects
  4. Herb Drug Interactions, Herb Drug Interactions 2
  5. Finding Herbalists

Information about Specific Herbs:

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Diseases/Conditions and their Herbal Treatments:

If your condition isn't listed, we may still have information about it - check our Diseases and Conditions page.



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