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India Calling Card: Save on Calls and Avoid Hidden Fees

I find it makes sense to buy an India calling card that will last a while versus cards of a smaller denomination.


India Calling Card

by Sandhya Thukaram

India Calling Card- Touching Base

With over a billion people in the country you’d imagine that everyone from everywhere at sometime or the other will want to touch base. Just as well then there is an Indian calling card of every size and denomination. Because of the telecom sector being so competitive there are price wars almost akin to the Pepsi/Coke wars! So, when you are buying your India calling card, look around before making your choice.

From the U.S, calling India is extremely economical, so it really is not a problem buying an India calling card and touching base. E-mail is convenient and writing is nice, but there’s nothing quite like picking up the phone, dialing a number and hearing the voice of a loved one on the other side – it bridges the gap.

An India Calling Card For Those Special Days

Everybody knows that India is the land of festivals. There isn’t a month when there’s no festival or occasion to celebrate. Being away from home on these special days could make one homesick. But with an India calling card being so inexpensive, one can at least call and wish and be wished to feel part of the festivities. India is a land of strong family ties and sometimes it can be hard to be parted by such great distances. An India calling card can connect one to almost every city and town in India.

What’s On Offer

Actually one is spoilt for choice when looking to buy an India calling card. It’s almost an education in Geography, because there is a card and at every price to almost every part of the country. While prices are competitive, I found that the average charge for a minute from the U.S to the four metros in India i.e. Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras is about 0.07$ per minute.

Some companies offer a flat rate India calling card irrespective of the place you are calling or whether you call a landline or a mobile. Apart from this, there are pre-paid and post paid India calling card options. Certain companies allow up to 5 numbers to be registered for pin less dialing.

What I’ve noticed with the various companies offering an India calling card is that some state their terms, conditions and price in single, unhidden terms, where as others have hidden costs, so make sure you read the fine print. I find it makes sense to buy an India calling card that will last a while versus cards of a smaller denomination.

Some of the cards available are the Reliance card, Union Tele card, Speedy pin, Garam chai, Sprint, Zap tel, SID card and many many more.

The Internet offers great online India calling card options. If you choose a pre-paid India calling card, when you buy it online, the card is delivered immediately on the screen. This means you don’t have to wait for the mail! The PIN is sent to an e-mail address. You can buy an India calling card (pre-paid) for a pre-paid wireless phone or traditional landline phones. Since it is pre-paid there will be no charge on the phone bill.

Pre-paid or post paid, calling India from any destination is just a card away!

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