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Articles by Freelance Writer Sandhya Thukaram

"I knew like all good South Indians I wanted to be educated. So I went ahead and got myself a Masters In Internationl Business from ENPC (the Indian Chapter).

"I worked briefly with an Entertainment Company in Bombay,India, projecting the viability of Entertainment Complexes in India. The project done, I didn't know, unlike most good south Indians what to do next!

"I figured when in doubt ... go Home! I returned to Bangalore to help run the family owned Retail Photography Business. This gave me the opportunity and time to give free reign to my over active imagination and write!

"While I do not have any published works I hope to to do so soon! Currently, I am in the initial stages of launching a Singapore based lifestyle magazine in India in partnership with a few friends.While I wait for the magazine to be launched I'm think being part of this freelance team is time well spent!"


Articles by Sandhya Thukaram

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  • Canadian Rockies Travel - Canadian Rockies travel is made simple by the ample facilities available.
  • Discount International Airfare - Since I’ve chanced upon the availability of a discount international airfare to nearly every part of the world, I’m no longer content to e-mail friends living abroad, I’m planning to visit them instead.
  • Greek Island Cruise - A Greek island cruise is not just about island hopping and soaking up the sun (though that's the best part). There is also a fair amount of shopping available in the form of interesting artifacts and little hand made gifts to take back home.
  • Hallmark Free E Card - There’s no need to panic, sitting there at your desk you could send a Hallmark free e-card or a free e-card from one of the several e-card sites.
  • India Calling Card - I find it makes sense to buy an India calling card that will last a while versus cards of a smaller denomination.
  • Indian Baby Name - It really is an enchanting journey trying to choose an Indian baby name.
  • Iraq War Opinion Poll - Post the American war against terrorism nearly every Iraq war opinion poll seems to suggest that a slight majority of the American people back the anti-terrorism campaign.
  • Italy Bicycle Tour - Make note too of the number of people on the tour, the kind of van support that will be available and the kind of experience the guides on a particular Italy bicycle tour have.
  • Leather Sectionals - Leather sectionals are very new age and yet have that classic appeal that is right for any style of home or office.
  • Louis Vuitton Wholesale - It was a discovery that has almost become a passion, as I now keep abreast with the latest bags available and try to check what Louis Vuitton wholesale price I can get it at.
  • New Balance Basketball Shoes: Fit, Breathability, and Shock Absorption - New Balance basketball shoes maximize on-court performance.
  • South African Airway - With a fleet of over fifty aircrafts, the South African Airway carries over 5.5 million passengers in one single year.
  • Tsunami Video Footage - Shocked, frightened, helpless, they have instead the tsunami video footage, saved for posterity, even perhaps if a loved one had been lost forever.
  • ugg-Style Boot - Now, the ultra-cool Ugg style boot cushions many a celebrity's feet.
  • Vail Ski Resort - The Vail ski resort has all the glitz and the glamour of an urban resort with just the right bit of a get-away feel for those tire of the pace of city life. It's a friendly and charming place that has been developed into the best skiing vacation.
  • Wholesale Candy - The kind of wholesale candy available is almost unimaginable. Every kind of candy you can conceive or can’t is there for the buying
  • Wholesale Perfume - Buying wholesale perfume is like opening up a Pandora’s box of great deals.
  • Womens Timberland Boot - There maybe a variety in the range of Womens timberland boot that is available but the one thing that is constant is the unimpeachable quality that comes with the Timberland name.


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