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Indian Baby Name: Choose a Meaningful Name for Your Little One

It really is an enchanting journey trying to choose an Indian baby name!


Indian Baby Name

by Sandhya Thukaram

Choosing An Indian Baby Name Is A MEANINGFUL Experience

While most Christian names are derived from Hebrew, Greek, Latin or early Germanic, Celtic or Slavic, nearly every Indian baby name is derived from Sanskrit the ancient Indo-European language of India. Every Indian baby name has a spiritual or at least deep meaning. Though times have changed and an Indian baby name isn’t necessarily driven by astrology, or time of birth, it used to be very significant. Traditionally the alphabet plays a very important part while coming up with an Indian baby name.

Once the time of birth is ascertained, then a temple priest will come up with the auspicious alphabet according to the star. It then becomes the task of the parents to find an Indian baby name they like beginning with the chosen alphabet. It is quite lovely going through all the names and discovering their meanings. A name with a powerful meaning almost adds substance to a person. When the parents have agreed on a name then there is naming ceremony held and the baby is officially given his Indian name which becomes his identity for the rest of his life.

What Is Behind An Indian Baby Name?

You might spot little Abhay standing up in the face of adversity and think what a brave child. But then the Indian baby name his parents chose for him does mean fearless. There is young Abhijeet who has just crossed the victory line, every inch the winner! His parents perhaps had a premonition about his winning ways and gave him a name, which meant victorious. Surya on the other hand is a striking lad, tall, vibrant and bright just like the Sun he was named after. The proud parents, see their new baby, the Indian baby name they have chosen, Ved perhaps representing their desire to see him grow up full of sacred knowledge.

There goes lovely Meera, in a trance just like her namesake who was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Aditi looks strong and pious just like the Indian baby name she was given all those years ago meaning mother of Gods. Can you see Maya? Really? Or is she just an illusion like her name? Ananya always stands out, her name after all means unique. Young Avani is earthy and sensual and very grounded, her Indian baby name means earth. Who is that stunning girl, the one as beautiful as a picture? It has to be Chitralekha so much like her name.

It really is an enchanting journey trying to choose an Indian baby name. Every name seems to tell a story and perhaps every baby’s story will follow the name…

Books, The Internet and The Movie Star

There are lots of books that have a comprehensive list of every possible Indian baby name. All the names have meanings alongside so it makes choosing a name simpler. The Internet too has various sites dedicated to the Indian baby name. Some of the sites apart from having a list of names and their meanings listed in alphabetical order also have some links to baby and mother care sites.

You could of course take the easy way out and when it comes to deciding on an Indian baby name you could name him her after your favorite Indian movie star. Amitabh (Bachchan) incidentally means one with boundless splendor!

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