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Indianapolis Homes for Sale: Room to Breathe, Joyous Prices


Indianapolis Homes for Sale: room to breathe and square footage galore.













Indianapolis Homes for Sale

by Richard Hill, Ph.D.

I’m a native Californian, but my move to Indiana was the best thing I could have done for raising my kids and stabilizing my family. A great job brought me back to California after several years in the Heartland. And I’m fine with life on the west coast. But when I get a little restless in my 1100 square foot tract house on its postage-stamp lot, I get a little Hoosier-nostalgic for the Indianapolis homes for sale I see when I web surf Indy real estate.

So, what’s so great about Indianapolis homes for sale?

Not much---except that, for LESS than what I paid for the aforementioned tiny place in California, I could have bought from an assortment of Indianapolis homes for sale featuring one-to-five acre lots, with woods, farmland, wells (no water bills!) and duck ponds. Giant lots are standard in Indianapolis homes for sale outside the Interstate 465 beltway. And inside the beltway, new, state-of-the-art Indianapolis homes for sale are an embarrassment of riches when it comes to giant, must-have-a-riding-mower lots and spacious rooms.

So, which Indianapolis homes for sale are better---close in or country living?

Depends on what you’re after. Living close in is great for commuting, and you can get all the latest in home innovations from the skilled Indy builders. On the other hand, lots of savvy Hoosiers have gone for old farmland acreage. Four years ago, my friend Randy bought a huge old farmhouse on five acres, with woods, a pond, an airplane-hanger size barn that he rents out to store RVs, and cornfields he rents out to local farmers. All this is within commuting distance of Indy. Randy works for an auto parts distributor and his wife is a cosmologist, but they had no trouble swinging the $230,000 loan.

Okay, the Indianapolis homes for sale prices are good...

Good?!! Let’s face it, Indianapolis homes for sale are eye-popping bargains compared to most urban areas. How about a new, 2500 square foot home in the high one-hundreds? Or an elegant older home for even less than that?

...but do I really want to move there?

If you’re looking for quality of life, you may want to give Indianapolis some serious consideration. The wholesome, kid friendly atmosphere that has all but disappeared in most of the country (and even in most of the Heartland) is alive and well in Indy. The whole state (with the possible exception of the Northwest part) is inexpensive and ultra- friendly And Indy (as the locals call it) has more: four seasons, relatively mild weather, a relaxed life pace, recreation, booming business opportunities, and a LOW cost of living. Gas, food, and other staples are cheaper in Indiana than almost any city in the U.S.

Okay, okay... So how do I find Indianapolis Homes for Sale?

In a word, the Web. With a little focused web surfing through Indianapolis homes for sale, you’ll see it’s a buyer’s market nowadays---some builders and sellers are even giving rebates ala the new car deals!

Your new life in the Real America is waiting for you in Indianapolis.

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