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Online Italian Charm Wholesale Suppliers: Choose the Right One to Get Quality Deals


You could sell out quickly, so you need to get a great Italian Charm wholesale deal from a reputable seller, but there are dozens of places to buy them online. This is a guide choosing the right online italian charm wholesale supplier.





Italian Charm Wholesale: Choosing the Right Online Supplier

What you need to know before you commit to an italian charm wholesale purchase:

Italian Charms have quickly become one of the hottest new jewelry items on the market. They're a great addition to any store- you could sell out very quickly. So, you'll want to get a great italian charm wholesale deal...

...but there are dozens of places to buy them online. This is a guide to help you choose the right online italian charm wholesale supplier.

The main problem with most online italian charm wholesale suppliers is that they have horrible websites. Most of them are too busy with graphics for you to tell what you're supposed to do.

But stay focused- The first thing you need to do it to sign up for an account. Every online italian charm wholesale supplier has a different process for this. Some of them let you sign up online - most of them are going to require you to fax them a copy of your resale license and/or proof that you're a retail business. Of course, if you're in a state like Oregon that doesn't require a sales tax license, the online italian charm wholesale supplier shouldn't require one from you.

I'd suggest, if you're serious about getting italian charms wholesale and selling them in your store, you sign up with 2 or 3 online italian charm wholesale suppliers, and see which one does the best job for you, then stick with that one.

Before you go any further, though, you'll want to assure yourself of the quality of the online italian charm wholesale supplier's goods. You may already know that there are real and fake italian charms. Real ones are made from flattened, molded solid 18k gold ribbon, soldered on their back to a strip of stainless steel links, rinsed, dried, and polished - at some point, an enamel may also be applied to the italian charm for protection.

Reputable italians charm wholesalers sell charms from top manufacturers like Roma, Puzzle Talexia, Casa d'oro, Italia, GP Firenze, Boxing, Unodomani, Zoppini, Nomination, and Brunoz Zanetti. All of these italian charms are interchangable from the consumer's perspective. The knock-off fake italian charms, often imported from Asia, are made with gold plating and are glued rather than soldered.

Once you're set up with your online italian charm wholesale supplier(s), you'll be ready to order. You probably won't have access to any italian charm wholesale prices before this point (though you'll be able to see their retail prices if they also do that). And now you'll be wondering: What's the minimum initial order? Some suppliers have a $500 minimum, but the standard is closer to $100. It's up to you- if you don't mind buying more italian charms, and you like a supplier enough, you might go for it.

If you really want to give your prospective online italian charm wholesale supplier a thorough going over, come up with a question that their website doesn't answer, and call them to ask it. You'll see what kind of people they are from their customer service.


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