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A Faith Hope Love Bracelet

A Pink Breast Cancer Bracelet


A Yellow Ribbons for the Troops


Witness the Breast Cancer Bracelet Phenomenon


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Raising Awareness and Saving Lives

  • The Rubber Bracelet Phenomenon - Because of the rubber bracelet phenomenon, Americans are digging into their pockets for worthy causes in droves.
  • Cancer Bracelet - The cancer bracelet is officially cool. Of course, if you’re a cancer survivor you already know that.
  • Wholesale Novelties - For the entrepreneurial at heart, wholesale novelties can become your way to earn big cash!
  • Yellow Bracelets
    • The Yellow Bracelet - Because of programs like the yellow bracelet, The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), and its partners are working to raise awareness so that people and families living with cancer can live strong, productive lives.
    • Bracelet Live Strong Links - Brave Cycling Star Lance Armstrong Pioneered the Yellow Bracelet, Live Strong Motto and this Health Bracelet Movement
    • Lance Armstrong Cancer Bracelet - "Why is everyone wearing those yellow bracelets?" growled Michael Savage from my car radio.
    • Lance Armstrong Bracelet - Nike has been helping him promote the yellow Lance Armstrong bracelets, but it's the generosity of regular folks like you that will save lives.
    • Livestrong Band: Small Way to Make a Huge Difference - A Livestrong Band costs only one tiny dollar - but that dollar goes towards one huge goal.
    • Live Strong Bracelet - Most of us know someone with cancer. The Live Strong bracelet says, 'Live strong; I stand with you' to that person, that friend, that family member, to all persons with cancer. In affliction, we all stand together.
    • Live Strong Wristband: Spread the Inspiration, Fight for the Cause - Hang a live strong wristband on the doorknob of your office – you’ll be able to share a powerful message with anyone who stops by.
    • Live Strong - Live Strong is a pump you up concept that works! Why? Because it’s gutsy and Lance Armstrong’s story is an almost miraculous one.
    • Live Strong Band - The ‘hip’ness of the live strong band comes from the fact that it supports a worthy cause…
    • Live Strong Bracelet: Remembering Those Who Lived Strong - Bright, bubbly, always striving to find joy, humor, and the positive in her own life and in the lives of others, my Aunt Ruthie might as well have had the live strong bracelet motto stamped on her heart.
    • Live Strong Wristband - When we wear the Live Strong wristband, we stand together, demon-strating the endless possibilities of the human spirit. Let the Eagle Soar!
  • Pink Bracelets and Ribbons
    • Pink Bracelet - What the pink bracelet stands for is breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer affects roughly 186,000 women every year, and kills around 43,000 in the U.S, and effects over a million women worldwide. That’s why it is so vitally important to keep it in the forefront and in everyone’s mind and to keep fighting for a cure.
    • Pink Breast Cancer Bracelet - The pink breast cancer bracelet may be riding the coattails of the yellow Lance Armstrong cancer bracelet, but who cares? As far as I'm concerned, bring on the cancer bracelets!
    • Breast Cancer Rubber Bracelet - The breast cancer rubber bracelet is extremely affordable, some even selling for as low as eighty-five cents.
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet - Do you have a friend or loved one with breast cancer? If so, consider showing your support by getting a breast cancer awareness bracelet
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet II: For Susan - Make a commitment to get your Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet right now. The life you help to save may be someone you love!
    • Breast Cancer Wristbands - Buy and wear breast cancer wristbands. They are an important part of the global awareness of this disease.
    • Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon - If you know someone who has breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon can be a great way to show your support for the fight against breast cancer and become more aware of the issues related to fighting the disease.
    • Pink Bracelet - In fact his wife was suffering from breast cancer and the pink bracelet was his way of supporting her. As it further turned out, it wasn’t the first time this had happened because of his pink bracelet.
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon: Not for Women Only! - Wear a breast cancer awareness ribbon? Who me, a six-foot, grizzled, conservatively-dressed man?
    • Breast Cancer Ribbon - The breast cancer ribbon is a symbol of the changes in public consciousness that have taken place around this devastating disease in the last twelve years.
  • Bracelet: Faith Hope Love - Now there is a new bracelet, faith hope love, well actually a number of bracelets that sport that logo...
  • Hope Faith Love Bracelet - Are you willing to put on a pink Hope Faith Love bracelet and show how much you care?
  • Medical Alert Bracelet - One out of every five people has a medical condition that paramedics and doctors need to know right away in an emergency. That's what a medical alert bracelet is for.
  • Medical Alert Bracelet II - Without the vital health information on your medical alert bracelet, you may get the wrong medicine or treatment from doctors. The result....tragedy!
  • Italian Charms
    • Italian Charm Bracelet - Italian charm bracelets are making a big come back mainly because of the variations they offer. They can be customized for anything.
    • Italian Charm Wholesale Suppliers - You'll want to get an Italian Charm wholesale deal, but there are dozens of places to buy them online. This is a guide to help you choose the right online italian charm wholesale supplier.
    • Italian Charm Wholesale Deals - Italian charm wholesale jewelry allows you to add charms to the empty slots on your bracelet. You can add new charms and grow your collection to match your personality and mood.
    • Wholesale Charm - The beautiful wholesale charm selection often comes from Italy, China, and Japan. Whatever you are looking for, you don’t need to pay mall prices for your charms!
  • Car Magnet Phenomenon - Another great use of the Car Magnet is to advertise your business or service.
  • Support the Troops
    • Support our Troops Magnet - Support Our Troops magnets are one way we can not only show our support, but also give a gift to our soldiers overseas.
    • Support Our Troops Ribbon - It’s all about our troops – the thousands of men and women who – right this very moment – may be putting their lives on the line, or even dying, while we sit in the safety of our homes and offices.
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