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JDM Engine: Modern Japanese Secret to a Faster Ride

You may want to consider how the JDM engine is sold – is it sold as a swap package, or will you have to purchase the other parts for the configuration separately?



JDM Engine

by Amy Finley

What is a JDM Engine?

JDM simply standards for Japanese Domestic Market, and refers to parts made in Japan. A JDM engine is a Japanese Domestic Market engine. Many JDM engines are delivered to America for replacing American factory engines. Why are they hot? A JDM engine can easily double the horsepower of your current engine, unleashing the power of a faster, better ride.

Buying a JDM Engine

There are dozens of places you can find a JDM engine for sale. Shop around to get the best price. You can find JDM engines for sale from many companies, at online auctions, from individuals, ads on web forums, and more.

It’s always a good idea to cross-reference when you buy to make sure you’re getting your JDM engine from a reputable source. Get suggestions from others who have had good experiences in buying their JDM engine. If you buy via online auction sites, make sure you carefully check the seller’s history.

Most JDM engine sales are for engines with less than 40000 miles and come from newer cars. Again, it’s important that you deal with a reputable source, since it’s difficult to verify these things. Some companies offer limited warranties on their JDM engines (i.e. 3 months), so you may want to ask about this.

Don’t forget to factor in shipping and other charges as well in considering the total cost of your JDM engine.

Package vs. Pieces

You may want to consider how the JDM engine is sold – is it sold as a swap package, or will you have to purchase the other parts for the configuration separately? Factor in the cost of buying additional parts separately versus getting a package deal to find out what the better deal will be.


If you’re knowledgeable enough to do the JDM swap and installation yourself, you’re set. If you’re not, make sure you are dealing with someone who is experience in replacing standard an American standard engine with a JDM engine. You want someone who is experienced with JDM components to ensure the replacement is configured properly. Just as deciding where to buy, your JDM engine installer should be someone you know and trust, or highly recommended from several sources.

Check in advance how much time the swap will take, as well, so you’re prepared for a wait if necessary.

Make Extra Cash as A JDM Engine Affiliate

Need a way to pay for your JDM engine swap? If you do, or if you’re interested in making some extra cash, some companies that sell JDM engines are now offering JDM engine affiliate programs. Most of these programs are simple and require very little effort, and the result is easy extra money in your pocket.

Companies may also offer additional options for more ambitious JDM engine affiliates, such as a separate domain name. You can earn more or less depending on how much effort you want to put into it.

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