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Jimmy Choo Shoes: That Beautiful Feeling Every Woman Deserves

Every woman deserves to be and feel beautiful in a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.


Jimmy Choo Shoes

by Amy Finley

Jimmy Choo Shoes: You Don’t Have To Be A Princess To Feel Like One

Jimmy Choo shoes, the women’s designer shoes handcrafted in intricate detail to perfection, have been the favorites of many high profile women, from Princess Di to Hollywood’s most popular stars.

But you don’t have to be a princess to feel like one in Jimmy Choo shoes.

From Shoe Rack To Guilt-racked?

Jimmy Choo shoes are gorgeous – their original designs, elegance, and craftsmanship make them well-sought after for a reason. From sandals and dress shoes to evening shoes and bridal shoes, every woman deserves to be and feel beautiful in a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

Yet even with the advent of the Internet, wholesale designer shoe retailers, and ebay – all lopping the prices of Jimmy Choo shoes ($400 and up) easily in half, many women go from staring longingly at the glossy pictures of Jimmy Choo shoes in magazines to the empty spot on their shoe rack where their well-deserved pair of Jimmy Choo shoes would go without ever buying them. Why? Simple – guilt. Many of us women feel an incredible sense of guilt when we purchase things for ourselves.

Well, I’m writing this on a mission. The guilt has got to stop – and it’s starting here with Jimmy Choo shoes. No matter what you do – teacher, mother, banker, CEO, it doesn’t matter – every women deserves to have beautiful and quality clothes and shoes.

What’s worse is that for many of us, the Jimmy Choo shoes guilt syndrome is self-imposed. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about spending a couple hundred bucks on groceries – why do so many of us scour the internet for deals on things like Jimmy Choo shoes until are fingers are cramped and yet we still never buy them? Would your husband think twice about slapping down a couple hundred bucks for a power tool? Probably not. So why should we feel guilty about buying Jimmy Choo shoes?

The Jimmy Choo Shoes Dream

Remember that song a few years back that topped the pop music charts by the Barenaked Ladies – “If I had a million dollars?” Well, if I had a million dollars, I’d buy every woman I know a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. No – take that back. I’d buy every woman I know a dozen pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

That’s my Jimmy Choo shoes dream – let every woman be reassured just how valuable she is and buy things like Jimmy Choo shoes without feeling guilty. (If you’re wishing I knew you so I’d buy you a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, don’t worry, there’s no chance of my becoming a millionaire any time in the near future).

The Perfect Pair…

Most women have a picture in their mind of the perfect women’s designer shoe – you know, the sexy sling back with silver accents or the strappy leather spike heeled sandal that’s just perfect with almost everything you own from jeans to mini-skirts? Jimmy Choo shoes can make your perfect pair come to life.

Whatever Jimmy Choo shoes find their home in your closet, you can rest assured you’ll look and feel fabulous…and you can wear them with the confidence that comes from realizing just how valuable you are.


In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Amy Finley is a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University. She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children.


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