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Lamp Berger: Discover the Secret of Fresher Air

The lamp Berger lamps eliminate odors and efficiently and wonderfully revive a room with delicious scents.



Lamp Berger

by Amy Finley

Lamp Berger History

Lamp Berger is really the Americanized spelling of the Lampe Berger lamp (pronounced lamp ber-zjay). Invented by a Parisian pharmacist, Maurice Berger, and sent in for patenting in 1898, the original Lampe Berger lamp was designed for use in Parisian hospitals to purify and clean the air.

The Lamp Berger lamp was later sold, and under new ownership collaboration occurred with designers to produce beautifully crafted lamps that not only worked to cleanse and purify the air, but also absorb and destroy odors and leave the air fresh and beautifully scented.

Lamp Berger today

Lamp Berger today is available far beyond the Parisian border. The original Lampe Berger Company now has a subsidiary company in New York, and people all over the globe have fallen in love with lamp Berger lamps.

New lamp Berger scents continue to be released in addition to the wide variety of floral, fruity, exotic, sweet, and spice scents currently available. In addition to the many intricate designs that exist in glass, satin glass, china, Limoges china crystal, metal, earthenware, and porcelain, artists strive to sculpt lamp Berger lamps in even more beautiful and creative designs and materials.

Lamp Berger Collector’s Club

Lamp Berger lamps are such beautiful pieces, many have been prompted to collect them, and there is an official Lamp Berger collector’s club (you can receive 20% off of Lamp Berger purchases by joining, too). One of a kind items like the $6,000.00 ‘Violoncelle’ by Arman are a Lamp Berger collector’s dream. (Don’t worry, I can’t afford it either, but you can find plenty of gorgeous lamp Berger lamps around $50).

Even if you can’t afford a signature lamp Berger lamp, it’s worth it to collect others because they’ve been around long enough you can rest assured they’re not just a trend.

Lamp Berger and You

Maybe I’m a little bit biased because I had a little bit of high school and college French, and I’m in love with all things Parisian, but I think the Lamp Berger products are trés magnifique.

Seriously, everyone should have a lamp Berger lamp for practical reasons alone. Forget all the high priced air filters or fake smelling sprays that just cover up odors or just last for a few minutes. The lamp Berger lamps eliminate odors and efficiently and wonderfully revive a room with delicious scents.

As a wife and mother, I know how important it is to have a lovely and peaceful home. The lamp Berger products help in this endeavor both in both the olfactory sense and visually. You can find a unique Lamp Berger for every room in your home – from cute and colorful canister styles for kids’ rooms to elegant crystal shell styles for the bathroom to stately or chic statuettes in everything from muted lavender porcelains to brilliant red leaf and gold embossed glass for your formal living and dining rooms.

Lamp Berger Gifts

Lamp Berger lamps make excellent gifts, from the more traditional Lamp Berger styles to the more modern. Virtually anyone can benefit from the benefits of cleaner air and decorative enhancement in a lamp Berger lamp.

Many specialty online retailers carry lamp Berger lamps, the Lamp Berger scent refills, and more at good prices. Shop around to find a good deal, but beware of unrealistically low prices so you don’t end up with a fake Lamp Berger someone’s trying to sell as the real thing at rock bottom prices.

Whether you buy a lamp Berger lamp for yourself because you and your family deserve the benefits of cleaner air and a more pleasant home, or you buy one as a gift, Lamp Berger is a purchase you won’t regret.

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