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Large Print Bible

The large-print Bible has various purposes for many different people. Many of us work long hours staring at a computer screen. And using the large print Bible could help reduce eyestrain.



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Large Print Bible

by Laura Morgan

What’s the large-print Bible for anyway?

In today's world it seems like everything is in small print, and many of us work long hours staring at a computer screen. We can give our eyes a rest by choosing a large-print Bible. The large-print Bible costs, in general, between $15 and $30, though those with a lower-quality paper can be less expensive and leather-bound Bibles will be more costly. The large-print Bible has various purposes for many different people.

A visually impaired person might appreciate a large-print Bible, biblical study guide or reference book. These can be found for many versions and languages. It helps them see the text better due to their visual impairment.

The same may apply to those who wear contact, glasses, and such; it is just easier to read. People who work with computers could also benefit from using the large-print Bible as it helps be easier on the eyes when your staring at a computer screen all hours of the day. The large-print Bible helps reduce eyestrain too.

I remember as a child I used to own one, at the time I thought they were only for kids. Mine was so huge, about the same size as a high school textbook. That heavy too!!! And now my son just got his first bible (large-print Bible, of course) from his Grandmother before his first birthday! I think they are great, they are easy to read, they almost always have large pictures supporting the text within the bible, which most bibles do not have. It is an added bonus feature. Visuals are helpful too in understanding things.

Won’t I look like a dork if I use a large-print Bible?

Ya know, I have heard people ask others this, and my answer to them would be simple: If you are so worried about the type of bible you use, you are not really reading it for the Word.

I say this because for so many years I tried to pick up my mom and dad’s bible they had on the coffee table all my growing years, and every time I would try to pick it up, I would find it was to hard to understand. So you know what I did?

I went to the store and found a TEEN bible. Yep, I did. And I took abundant amounts of pride in making a cover for it to cover up that an adult like myself would buy a teen bible for herself. I was embarrassed. I bought the bible planning on hiding it because it was a bible for young teens. But, I got the message when a friend came over and I was hiding it, even though I had a cover on it.

That was my first clue I had purchased the bible for the wrong reasons. I was ashamed of it. Not directly, mind you, but nonetheless, embarrassed. Don’ t make that same mistake.

If you could benefit from having a large-print Bible, then by gosh, use it. It is after all for your benefit, and yours alone. Remember that when you feel insecure about what others may say or don’t say. I still have my teen bible to this day, and even though my husband bought me a expensive bible when were first met, I still prefer to use my teen bible.

So the next time your out shopping for a bible, I would highly recommend getting the large-print Bible if this is your desire. There are so many different types out there, different versions, and select one that suits YOU. Happy Reading.

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