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Life Application Study Bible

The Life Application Study Bible is a
good guide to understanding the Bible, which has more gore, murder, suspense and intrigue in it than any Harlequin novel.


Life Application Study Bible

by Laura Morgan

The Life Application Study Bible: What is it, and how do you use it?

How many times have you picked up your Bible and asked yourself these questions:

  • How can this possible apply to my life, my job, my friendships, my marriage, my neighborhood, my family, and my country?
  • What do those old ancient cultures have to do with today?
  • Why can't I understand what God is saying to me through his Word, why is it so hard to understand?
  • How are the lives of these people in the bible important, and what does it have to do with me now, today?

The Life Application Study Bible is today's most popular study Bible. Its notes not only explain difficult passages and give background information about bible life and times, but they go a step further - they also show how God's Word speaks to every situation and circumstance of your life. The Life Application Study Bible can help guide you to finding solutions to your marriage problems, how to raise your children, how to deal with them, and even how to discipline them (yep, that’s right!). The bible even touches base on sexual adultery, sexual sin, and addictions.

My mother once told me that the bible had more gore, murder, suspense and intrigue in it than any other Harlequin novel I could read and ever try to compare it too. The Life Application Study Bible is your guide on how to understand what God is trying to tell us, and how to follow him, in an easy way that is easy to understand. It is simply put, a study Bible, for you to use to study the word of the Lord, and how you can apply it to your life for all situations and trials you will ever encounter in this life. Hence the title, Life Application Study Bible.

The Life Application Study Bible istoday's #1 selling study Bible because it helps people see how the Scriptures are relevant to today's issues. Itlets you enjoy the life application features with the popular New International Version. It has an extensive in-text notes to help readers to understand the message of Scripture and how to apply it to your lives in a practical way.

The Life Application Study Bible was created for the reader who wants to answer the question, “What does God’s Word mean for my life today?” “ How will it help me? This bible is full of features that will help you understand the timeless lessons of the Bible, including application notes, character studies, maps and charts, detailed book introductions, and more. The Life Application Study Bible is a rich resource to help you live out your faith in practical ways.

The drama of Abraham and Isaac is one of the Bible’s best beloved stories. But what is its relevance for you? What can you possibly learn from Jesus befriending Mary Magdalene who was a cast-out? What do you have in common with men and women who lived thousands of years ago in the old cultures that were vastly different than today’s world of computers and freeways and sexual sin? How can you fix your marriage? On what certain conditions does God forgive divorce? All of these answers and more you will find in the Life Application Study Bible.

Turn to the Life Application Study Bible, I promise everything will be come clearer, and clearer. It was designed that way.


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